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Selmore Event Hire is an event hire agency, with a difference..
We are effective communicators firstly and so we excel in presenting to you, whether you are a supplier or user of event hire services, the most effective solutions for your event hire needs.

Whatever your questions about hiring event equipment or services, we are continually researching and discovering the answers day to day and packaging the information in a highly digestible format, just for your learning benefit.

Along with our objective of sourcing the most value for money event hire companies for organisers and planners, we hope to present to you a leading online resource on event hire nationwide.


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Brush Up On Ways To Kit Out Your Event...

    An interview with John Buskie (Event Chef)

    Owner and founder of At Ease Catering Based in Glasgow, United Kingdom. SEH: Tell us a little bit about your background, John… I’m a qualified head chef with over 17 year’s professional experience in Glasgow, Scotland. I have held full time employment in this field throughout, but most recently I have juggled part time employment… View Article

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    An interview with Silvia di Luzio (Pasta Atelier)

    Owner and Founder at Doppiozero – Italian Pasta Atelier Based in Wandsworth Borough, London, United Kingdom. SEH: Tell us a little bit about your background Silvia… I think, my background is quite different actually for a caterer – with higher education in Financial Economics and an MBA my career experience of over 15 years to… View Article

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The following articles provide insight into the technical backdrop of the event hire industry and it's participants.

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