Marquee Tips: 10 Best Space Heater Accessories

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Choice of Fruit - Like Space Heater Accessories

Compatible indirect oil fired space heater accessories are worth thinking about before making your purchase decision

Space heaters perform solidly enough as standalone, but an adaptation or two can make all the difference!

Looking for a neat glossary featuring the 10 best space heater accessories? Read on...

Whilst oil fired space heaters come in various shapes, sizes and models - the principals underpinning the process of making a successful investment decision are common.

The success of your equipment hire company relies upon it's (your) ability to deliver the most appropriate, or even best solution for planners and guests alike.

Equipment selection and investment will play a big part in achieving this goal, with particular reference to service capacity.

Where a cold day can really dampen the nature of any outdoor marquee event, choosing your preferred space heater should be approach with care especially with peripherals, or accessories in mind.

With a little bit of thought, vast amounts of value can be reaped with a diligent pre-determined selection of accessories to accompany your new space heater.

Here's a little helping hand - consider it a headstart in your pre-purchase research.

Our selection of 10 best space heater accessories (by no means exhaustive!)

Room Thermostat

Space heater thermostat Master Heaters

Space heater thermostat - Master Heaters

Ensure a constant event tent temperature and conservation of fuel with this neat room thermostat.

A continual monitoring of room temperature by this thermostat links to the controls of the space heater allowing it to pause operation when target temperature has been achieved.

A little extra cost allows you to leave your equipment unattended whilst you multi-task elsewhere. Keep remote control of the vital output mechanism of your space heater, whilst being absent, to the comfort of guests and the peace of mind of planners.

Fuel Pre-heater

Fuel pre-heater space heater Master Heaters

Fuel pre-heater for space heater - Master Heaters

Where the ambient conditions surrounding the space heater are particularly cold, this little gadget takes the chill out of the fuel prior to the fuel injection phase of the combustion process.

As we learned in a previous chapter of this series focused on fuel consumption, the combustion of the diesel fuel in this heater occurs as a result of two main contributing factors : air under high pressure and fuel injection at high pressure.

Where the surrounding temperature of the machine is drops below a certain point, combustion under regular pressure is lacking. This pre-heater gives a helping hand.

Flexible Tubes

Space heater flexible tubes - Master Heaters

Flexible tubes for space heater - Master Heaters

Oil fired space heaters ought to be used with caution in enclosed spaces like marquees because of gaseous pollutants namely monoxides which are produced as part of the process due to pre-burn air returning into the combustion chamber.

For this reason it is advised, that space heater operators position the machine externally to the marquee during the time of operation.

This leaves the necessity for a means of transporting the hot air from an external space heater into the marquee. These flexible tubes are just the job for porting your precious hot air into the necessary pockets of space inside your event tent, to your guests delight and safety.

Rain Cover

Rain cover for space heater - Master Heaters

Rain cover for space heater - Master Heaters

Whilst this particular brand of space heater carries an IP41 number, which means that most wire and screw openings on the space heater are protected and safe from splashing levels of water, if a down pour occurs - it's best to use a rain cover to avoid critical damage.

This tailor-made rain cover is a waterproof drape which covers all of the necessary openings which could become waterlogged leading to malfunctioning of equipment, or even safety hazards.

The rain cover is made with regard to the functionality of the heater, and does not therefore, occlude any features which need to remain undisturbed for effective operation of the equipment.


Diffuser for space heater - Master Heater

Diffuser for space heater - Master Heater

These indirect space heaters because of the engineering, relating to the propulsion of air through the system by fan and the dimension and shape of the opening, lead to what is known as a 'throw' of air, or a solid stream into the marquee.

Due to the physical interaction of the hot air produced with the colder air surrounding the equipment, the throw tends to follow a single path with upward trajectory.

The general ambient temperature of the entire marquee will eventually rise as the hot air volume replaces cold air. For a more diffuse or a wider heating effect for guests - use this.

Rain Cover

Space heater cage - SIP UK Heater Accessories

Space heater cage from SIPUK

This  cage fulfils the purpose of keeping the space heater physically of limits and out of bounds of passers by or worse.

This case is a snug fit and made just to dimension of the heater. Due to the hot air being carried off by tubing directly to the place where it much needed, there is no heat transfer or leak to the metal of the cage.

Such a cage is of great use when planning for events with children or pets around especially. Heaters can become very hot during use, especially at the opening, and so a measure like this can save much damage.


Trolley for space heater - Master Heater

Trolley for making space heater mobile - Master Heater

With space heaters typically weighing within the range of 30KG - 90KG, carrying them around site can be quite difficult if unassisted.

This metallic framed trolley will enable you to safely load the heater onto it's own transport for carting it across from one location to another.

The trolley comes with a built in stand which keeps it stationery and in the operative position when rested. This negates the need for having to demount the heater when you have it installed and ready for use.

The heater is custom made to use - it's a great value investment.

Extension cord

Space heater cage - SIP UK Heater Accessories

Extension cord for space heater - Master Heater

This is a practical assist for ensuring there are no snags in the locating of your space heater.

Ensuring your goals of most comfortable ambient temperature and enjoyable event experience for guests, is dependant upon many logistical factors - including positioning of your installed space heater.

One factor to plan in advance of the install date is where the optimal place for the heater is going to be, in order to provide the most appropriate solution. The last thing you want is to be restricted by something as simple and avoidable as the length of available electricity cord.

This extra length of extension cord comes in both 5m and 10m reels which should give you ample additional length for most hard to reach jobs.

Multi-way outlet

4-way space heater outlet - Master Heater

Multiway space heater outlet - Master Heater

What do you do if your client requests more than one marquee structure to be erected on a site which all have a requirement to be heated?

If you have only one space heater, you could consider that it's about time to invest in an additional heater. Or, you could measure the maximum output required to effectively and efficiently heat the total space volume and if your simple heater is able to supply the heat, simply invest in a 2-way or 4-way adapter and some flexible tubes to pipe in the heat to wherever it is required.

Perhaps you just want to deliver heat to various places in the same structure...this is your solution.

Tidy bag for tubes

Space heater cage - SIP UK Heater Accessories

Tidy bag for flexible tubes - Master Heater

Time is of the essence when running a marquee hire company and anything which makes your job easier, on or off site will be a welcome advantage.

With so much kit to carry and pack away with every job, the more space saving and organisation ready tools you have at your disposal, the better!

This tidy bag is a magnet for all those tubing bits and pieces making them simple to port around - a worthwhile investment when thinking about keeping things together under pressure.

Are you seeking to know more about these space heater accessories - like, where to buy and how much they cost?

Take a look at the following manufacturer websites for further info:

Looking to out more about the functioning of space heaters?

Our category archive for marquee heaters is a good place to start.

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