Add A Room Marquee Packages: A Cosy Fit

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Add A Room Marquee Package

Do 'add a room marquee' packages actually add any value to just simply hosting an event in your house?

An 'add a room' marquee is a great solution for home owners seeking to host an event with a difference.

The ambience of your home might be fairly inflexible as it bears the character of the structural format and the incumbent decor.

As for designing a custom event environment from scratch in th form of an annexe to your house, a marquee is an ideal add-on solution.

Marquees are blank canvas event venues offering a vanilla base upon which to sprinkle your unique interior design ideas for the pulling together of a thoroughly enjoyable event backdrop.

In most cases the 'add a room' marquee holds an entirely different design scheme to the home's own decor, and therefore adds dimension whilst still maintaining the intimacy of your home environment for the event for guests.

What are the principles behind setting-up an add a room marquee?

As with attempting any type of practical application or solution, there are always some fundamentals which ground your attempt in a something solid.


The first thing to decide when setting-up an 'add a room' marquee is where it be installed. Front of house or back is a good starting point.

Identifying the exact entrance/exit way which will be your choice point of communication between your home and your choice temporary shelter.


What kind of structure did you have in mind?

The function of the marquee will largely dictate the preferred structure. Is it to be used for a dance area/lounge, or a tunnel?

Either way, modular marquee units can be combined together in order to build the desired event space.


Due to the versatility of the Clearspan marquee aluminium modular framing, there is no need to anchor the structure with ground stakes.

This therefore renders it useful on a variety of surfaces including: shingle, patio concrete, wooden decking, lawn and tarmac etc.

End On

The marquee should be joined onto the house end-on, rather than side on. This way, any rain water run-off will drain down the sloping sides, as opposed toward the front where the join exists between the marquee and house.

The Seal

The loose fabric edges of the marquee canopy which hang from the end closest to the house are tied onto the guttering of the house and pulled for a water tight seal keeping the point where your house communicated with the marquee dry, should it rain.


Set a contrasting scene within the marquee space with its own distinct lighting.

Whether, spot lighting, festoons or chandelier, ensure the ambience in the marquee adds dimension, rather than presenting a bland, rather unremarkable extension of your house.

A custom lighting arrangement is an effective way to do this.


You will not want to deter people from using the marquee space. One of the largest deterrents will be heating.

The warmth gradient particularly in the winter will be most apparent, if not overcome with an effective space heater solution.


For the sake of a temporary time period, why not make the most of your add a room marquee by designing it to be distinctly different in theme to your home, yet fully integrated and not at all separated.

Ideally, you want people not to think twice about crossing the boundary from your home into marquee, so giving it a quality for drawing in a crowd will make this easier.

A tip would be: if you are catering, encourage dining in the marquee to promote its use.

Any further points to add re:add a room marquees? Feel free to comment below.

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