5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Cassette Flooring
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Marquee event tents are on close inspection relatively complex structures performing both functional and aesthetic duties under rather constrained conditions. Professional advice goes a long way to achieving optimal results is such cases.

Type - choosing the most appropriate structure can add great advantage to the overall result.

Layout - either over or under subscribing on capacity usage can really affect the dimension and dynamic of your event.

Decor & Accessories - complimentary interior/extior touches can make all the difference for guests enjoyment of your chosen marquee.

Insert to get started and eject to finish...these interlocking flooring modules form a system known as, cassette flooring, for clearspan and other more modern marquee structures.

This system is a user-friendly answer to versatile flooring for any marquee event.

Top Tips for Cassette Flooring...

(with a difference!)

A marquee –based event is an opportunity to create an exceptional custom made environment for hospitality.

Modern technology has brought rapid advancements in the marquee tent and temporary structure industries.

Client consideration need not only be towards whether or not to hire a marquee, but also the type of structure, its colour, fittings and groundings.

One aspect of your marquee hire arrangement, which should never be overlooked, is your choice of flooring.

Choice of flooring for your marquee is more than an aesthetic or budgetary issue. The type of flooring chosen can significantly affect your guests’ event experience and comfort. To illustrate the point: high heels and soft lawns are not an ideal combination.

To overcome such practical obstacles where marquee flooring is concerned, hardwood or plastic interlocking floor tiles are favoured, which for slightly more expense than carpet or matting offer a firm, hard floor option raised above the natural ground conditions.

The market leading soultion for robust marquee flooring is cassette flooring.

Prime cassette flooring manufacturers worldwide have engineered robust flooring systems capable of adding structural support and providing a level attractive surface. Cassette flooring is routinely used in larger scale temporary structures at sporting events or exhibitions.  It works well with clearspan/mutlispan structures as a great enhancement. It is also advantageous where a structure cannot be secured with ground anchors.

Cassette flooring is a great investment and here are 5 reasons why it should be included as part of your marquee based event.

Levelling a slope on ground

Marquees need a level surface for the safety and comfort of your guests and also the proper functioning of equipment put into the marquee. Outdoor environs can be variable and even the most dry flat lawn may be affected by light rain. Uneven surfaces are not only unsightly, but are also a serious trip hazard to guests and site personnel.

Uneven surfaces often deter lesser experienced marquee contractors from taking on a particular job, but for those better equipped marquee hire firms, the state of the ground on site can be overcome by using a cassette flooring system.

Cassette flooring is principally comprised of a robust aluminium frame with steel joints into which interlocking flooring boards of plywood or other materials are slid keeping the floor off the ground.

Ready for all weather conditions

As cassette flooring is set in the aluminium frame channels, the entire floor rests on the aluminium sub-frame your marquee is effectively lifted off the ground. This adds to weather hardiness of your marquee as rain, snow and ground dampness can penetrate other forms of flooring.

This makes a clearspan marquee an advantageous marquee choice for the winter months as your guests feet need not touch the raw ground (i.e. grass etc) at all.

Supportive for enhancing integrity

The aluminium frame on which cassette flooring is based is capable of significant load bearing and durable for even semi-permanent structures.  Though simple to construct with few components this flooring is strong and fully integrated with the rest of the structure.

The weighting of the cassette flooring contributes to anchorage and the system also interlocks with the base plates of the marquee making the finished result resilient and firm. The aluminium floor ‘cross supports’ run across the width of the structure in 5m increments.

Flooring boards can then be slid into the accommodating channels designed specifically to receive the floorboard. The finished result is free of ridges, bumps and dips.

Discrete system for hiding messy wires

This simple flooring system provides a consistent and attractive finish to your marquee. It is a hard wearing modular solution, also offering a choice of floorboard used, from synthetic (rubber) flooring to solid hardwoods, such as birch.

Some flooring systems also offer integrated channels to accommodate electric cables so you can discretely distribute energy output, sound and lighting to where you need it. The wooden finish, without a covering is attractive, but should you wish, you can overlay it with other floorings or coverings according to your taste.

Prompt and simple installation

One of the best features of cassette flooring systems is the simplicity of installation. It is easily stored and transported to your site and offers relatively quick set-up, which will not delay your preparation time for erecting the remainder of the marquee.

Tectonics UK

Based: Alresford, Hants UK.

Tectonics provides a comprehensive cassette flooring system for clear span and other frame marquees. It is easy to use portable and provides a convenient modular system for a presentable level surface within your marquee. Engineered for durability across multiple uses the flooring system comprises heavy duty aluminium bearer, steel frame parts and 0.5-1m-wide cassette floorboards made of aluminium and high quality plywood.

Tectonics has developed this flooring system to be strong and stable even over prolonged use. For the ultimate in expansive level marquee flooring tectonics offer the floorstak level system.

It is designed to work with their cassette flooring and is comprised aluminium engineered staks which hold up the cassette flooring.

The aluminium cylinders are able to be height adjusted and have baseplates that can be angled to compensate for uneven terrain.

Address: 1 Prospect Road, New Alresford, Hants. SO24 9QF

Telephone: 01962 736316

Email: Send Mail

Web: www.tectonicsuk.co.uk



Based: Newark, Notts. UK.

Commercial and corporate event experts Losberger offer their own cassette flooring system. Developed out of their expertise in creating large scale and semi-permanent event structures, the flooring system is designed for simple accurate installation, high load bearing and a consistent finish.

Even expansive floor spaces can be readily and evenly covered quickly and Losberger notes that a good visual appearance can be achieved.

Losbereger have developed handy adaptations such as channels for laying wiring and cables for the marquee.

It specifies a max load bearing capacity of 350kg/sqm to 500kg/spm depending on anchorage.

The system comprises tongue and groove floor cassettes and aluminium cross floor supports.

They offer a range of multiply flooring options depending on your need. Details can be found here

Address: Unit 14 Roseland Business Park, Newark, Notts. NG23 5FF

Telephone: 01949 845070

Email: Send Mail

Web: www.losberger.co.uk

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