How To Close More Marquee Hire Sales?

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How To Close More Marquee Hire Sales

Tried everything, but still don't know how to close more marquee hire sales enquiries? Then look no further!

Whilst generating more customer enquiries is often a concern for many within the marquee hire industry, tightening the belt during the sales cycle itself (close more marquee hire sales enquiries) would make for a much more satisfying return on invested time and potential.

Whilst there are many methodologies for converting higher proportions of your sales opportunities, we feel there is nothing more persuasive than good old-fashioned clear, concise and credible communication - in whatever format or media that works.

Patience to talk through the fundamentals with a prospective customer, who is unsure in general about marquees and who has never used your services before, will grant confidence in working with you.

What are the top reasons prospects don't follow through to sale?

Unanswered questions.

They simply create grey areas of doubt.

Whether purposely avoided or not, if you fail to offer preemptive, upfront assurance to your prospects concerning their question areas, you run the risk of losing them to doubts and fears.

Therefore the most valuable investment that you can make in your own sales function is well written and designed supporting, sales collateral which answers questions at all stages of the sales cycle emphatically.

Which topics in particular should I anchor my collateral with?

Choose the most difficult questions which you may be asked by prospects and start there.

Head on collisions with your most uneasy subject matters can leave you nervy as a marquee hire contractor, but nerves are the most obvious and off-putting sign to observe when as a prospect you interview suppliers.

Ask yourself, 'why do certain subjects to do with hiring a marquee make me nervous?' and 'why do I avoid answering them?' The reason usually is connected to one of the following root causes:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of experience
  • Fear of competition

Where is honesty when we most need it?

  • If we don't know the answer, just say so.
  • If we don't have the experience to answer an objection, just say so.
  • Why fear a peer hire company winning the opportunity? What good is that going to do you or your prospect?

Surely, as a service provider, your number one goal is to provide the best service to your prospect, even and especially before or even despite the sale. Otherwise, who are you really serving?

Be comfortable being in the business for the right reasons and the nerves will flee, leaving behind plenty of opportunities for humbly learning and growing, with a clean conscience.

What are the best ways in which I can answer my prospect's marquee hire questions before and during the sale?

With so many varied formats of digital and hard copy communication format available to marquee hire companies in these times, we don't aim to create an exhaustive list by any means, but some useful pointers.

In similar industries to marquee hire, this kind of transferrable marketing approach has catapulted local and region contractors into clear market leadership positions.

"Show Your Expertise Upfront"

Sharing your expertise on the topic of marquee hire, in the way you know how, is the unique formula by which your marquee hire business will grow in reputation and popularity.

Making the subject matter simple and easily digested for all-comers will win you a significant share of the overall available audience.

Interpreting the more poorly understood aspects of marquee hire to first time hire prospects, whilst consulting on options and best fit solutions in a 'whole of market' (or untied) advisory fashion, will naturally lead to increased sales conversion, wherever feasible.

Top ways to show expertise:

  • Video
  • Technical diagrams
  • Podcast
    • explain and describe via DIY audio recordings the very many aspects of delivering top quality marquee hire services to an audience of subscribed listeners
  • General product knowledge
    • regardless of whatever marquees you chose to stock, having a sound general knowledge of all available structures and their benefits will help your prospects envisage their options and in return grant you credibility
  • Case studies
    • well presented, real life examples of previous projects, fully loaded with carefully written descriptions and images will help your prospects see how your sevices might work for them

"Be Transparent"

Hiding or dishonesty will only bring about distrust.

In a business landscape which still operates behind the curve at times, with providers holding back detail on prices, & product limitations, you could gain much popularity by simply, straight talking.

Top ways to show transparent communications:

  • Show all prices upfront
    • budget is often the primary consideration of prospects, especially for first timers, unable to make sense of the diverse product and service features offered by providers. Uncertainty will make prospects become very sensitive to the issue of price. Make it clear how (marquee hire costs & therefore also...) pricing works, and now you've given your prospect the keys to evaluating their value for money. This they will appreciate.
  • Present balanced pros vs. cons
    • don't be afraid to tell prospects exactly where the gains and potential constraints or losses are with each and every option available to them on the market. You might save them a lot of time traipsing up and down the internet performing flawed and uninformed DIY provider analysis, by simply speaking with you for a few minutes.
  • References
    • readily put prospects in direct contact with existing customers of yours...especially relatively new customers. This enables prospects to ask your discrete questions regarding their customer experience. This demonstrates an open-handed approach by you.
  • Testimonials
    • prominently and promptly publish on your website (and on at least one trusted 3rd party review service website) genuine customer testimonials, these will speak for themselves whilst prospects are performing diligent background checks.

"Know Your Accessories & Decor"

For your big-ticket event bookings where scope for adding value is almost endless, your ability to put your prospects mind at ease by enhancing their knowledge & understanding of the appropriate marquee accessories and decorative options will win confidence.

Weddings in particular are occasions where flawless aesthetics really matter to those involved. As such, having a firm handle on the design preparation and possibilities will put you in good stead with planners and organisers alike.

  • Colour
    • showing an appreciation for colour scheme and having available complimentary samples and swatches will grant prospects confidence in the early stages of the relationship.
  • Technicalities
    • expressing technical know-how related to installing the various attachments, augmentations, trappings and enhancements will enable prospects to really envision the nuts and bolts of the matter.
  • Flooring, lighting, heating & furniture
    • these are the staple marquee hire options which you would do well not only present, but also to lay down a fundamental knowledge base with each prospect. This ensure you are speaking the same language and they know how to evaluate other offers.
  • Challenges
    • every event proposal will present in one way or another, some varying degrees of challenge to hire contractors. Be clear about identifying what these challenges are, and couple this with your recommended approach to solving said problems.

"Let them see for themselves"

There really is no substitute for seeing what you seek, first hand and then knowing it's worth holding out for. With marquee hire, this requires some stage managing with the added expense of laying up for your prospect a simulated event experience, in situ, as an advanced investment in their potential custom - but well worth it for the close!

  • Onsite visit
    • accommodate your prospect accompanying you onsite during the latter stages of a current client installation to see how it all looks on site once erected.
    • take the time to walk and talk the prospect through all the aspects of the install.
    • ask your customer if it would be possible to make themselves available to talk with, should the prospect like to ask any direct questions.
  • 'Staged' demonstration
    • select a choice venue and erect one of your structures there, complete with all the trimmings over a weekend of your choice.
    • invite your current list of prospective customers/enquirers to attend a local 'open day tour' of your event marquees.
    • give a formal A/V presentation, cater it, provide some light entertainment, perform a 'Q&A' (questions and answers) session, and enjoy some walking and talking (keep it relaxed, no hawking!).
    • personally thank every attendee for their time and ask if there is anything you can do to help them plan.
  • Showroom
    • invite your prospect on personal invitation to your company showroom, where all your behind the scenes operations takes place.
    • set up either a small tent structure, or a single module of a larger marquee and deck it out with decor and accessories.
    • bring out sample accessories for prospects to handle & examine - show them a photo album of events with example paperwork for each booking.
    • involve other members of staff.

So, what's guarantee that these will work to increase your marquee hire sales conversion?

No promises.

But if any of these ideas go beyond what you currently do - why not give it a try, and tell us what you think?

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