Quick List: Most Common Marks Found On A Marquee

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Common Marks Found On Marquee

Marquees are prone to picking up all sorts of marks and blemishes. Here is our 'quick list' of the most common ones...

Markings on marquees go together like ducks and water, or perhaps elephants and watering holes!

Footprints and scuff marks no matter the size can really affect the overall presentation of your marquee tent adversely. So, keeping your rigging crew abreast of the most obvious offending occurrences. This may just be in the best interest of preservation.

The following are some of the most commonly reported marks on a hired marquee covering:

  1. Mud...
    • experienced foremen will tell you that one of the most novice mistakes in the trade is planting a big dirty boot mark on your canopy covering during installation - an entirely careless and avoidable mishap, with care.
  2. Grass stains...
    • grass stains can affect all kinds of material surfaces used for marquee tents. Clean lifting and thoughtful handling can eradicate such issues.
  3. Oil...
    • exposure in transit to any mechanical lubricants or oils can leave smears on your marquee material which if left for a lengthy duration can corrode or tarnish the finish.
  4. Petrol/Diesel...
    • petrochemicals if they come in to contact with a marquee material can stain or dissolve lacquer causing vulnerabilities in the fabric. Take care with your marquee around your van or garage environment.
  5. Traffic-film...
    • sooty, smoggy environments like cities especially where your tent is erected near main roads with copious exposure to car exhaust can leave a grimy grey coloured film on your marquee.This can cause discolouration with time.
  6. Water/wet mark...
    • watermarks can occur where structures are left out for extended periods of many weeks/months and waterpooling in areas cause discolouration to the covering. Reproofing can avoid this.
  7. Paint...
    • if an event-planner has installed custom design features which are freshly painted, please avoid contact with your costly marquee covering.
  8. Microbes...
    • mildew, fungus, mould and bacteria can attack the fibres of your marquee structure, impregnating them leaving unsightly black spots and blemishes deep within the interwoven mesh work.
  9. Tree sap...
    • if you've installed marquee under a natural canopy of tree cover, you may have experienced the waxy residue left on the covering by tree sap. This can by quite stubborn to remove and may need scrubbing, rather than washing.
  10. Adhesive residue...
    • if you've opted for a rather crude stick-on solution for perhaps some branding features, this may leave behind a sticky residue which can become a magnet for particulate dirt matter.

Any others you can think of? Leave a comment below.

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