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Content marketing for marquee hire companies is explained here in a simple tutorial!

With so much changing in the way businesses communicate with their respective marketplaces due to advancements in digital marketing tools and techniques - we attempt to bring you up to date with the leading edge, yet evergreen discipline of 'content marketing'.

Within this post we aim to show you how content marketing for marquee hire companies not only extends reach to new customers, but also add relevant value to existing client relationships.

What is content marketing? And why should a marquee hire companies care?

Because of the proliferation of search based digital consumer tools, like Google search engine, people and companies make far more informed investment choices by-enlarge.

Where they can reduce the risk of a disappointing first-time buying experience, or improve on the value of their current solution through digging deep into the collateral of prospective providers - it often pays handsomely to perform diligent search, before committing to buy.

Through the asking of questions from afar, customers can effectively kick the tyres of a provider's offering and thoroughly examine it for feasibility and worth, prior to even getting as close as talking with a company rep.

Where such an overwhelmingly large percentage of investors and business users take advantage of such access to useful information, it could seem as plain old neglectful (of both one's own business and also of the customer's interests) if a provider was to under utilise their ability to proactively answer those questions.

Content marketing is exactly this. It asks the following question...

"...how many ways can a business prepare, package and present valuable answers to questions which either existing or prospective customers may benefit from?"

The answer to this question is...indefinite.

You simply cannot define the ways in which such a dialogue with your target audiences can be achieved.

Think about the various methods and means of conveying messages that teaching institutions use...text, photos, custom images, video, 1-to-many presentations, recorded lessons, role play, simulations etc...

But how easy would it be to take up such an approach for reaching and teaching marquee hire customers about how to get the best value for their bookings?

Without need of any expert technical knowledge, your marquee hire business can very simply use entry-level multimedia tools to communicate a comprehensive array of answers to prospective customer questions.

Also, before we forget...there is one very valuable benefit of content marketing: audience responses.

At the digital interfaces of your online conversation like, your blog, social media channel or mobile app for example, visiting prospects and customers should be customarily given the opportunity to have their say about the information served to them.

It's in generating user responses that you lay an important foundation for generating profitable content marketing ROI...

  • Listening!
    • Get familiar with how your customers say things...
    • Understand the most pressured issues your customers face...
    • Know which potential solutions to their problems prospects have already assessed...

This vital feedback loop acts as a feeder for future content production efforts, making for a more genuine long-term conversation with your audiences.

Why should a marquee hire company take note of content marketing above traditional advertising?

The strategic difference between content marketing and traditional advertising sets them at polar opposites.

Advertising involves telling your selected audience what you do alongside offering incentives to try your service (like price discounts).

With content marketing you are answering prospects' buying questions upfront before they make direct contact with your business. These answers are known as collateral.

The benefit?

Buying confidence is far greater when a prospect gets a tangible measure of your business via quality collateral than if they just saw an advert offering your services.

Increase in buying confidence of visitors to your business, consequently has a knock on effect on overall volume and rate of leads generated, as well as the quality of leads generated.

Where do I begin in producing useful content for my marquee hire business?

Content marketing requires resourcefulness.

Available to any business owner internally are numerous sources of the potential questions which users might ask:

  • Old enquiries
  • Existing customer contacts
  • Sales & customer service personnel
  • Rigging foreman
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Complaints
  • Quotations
  • Invoices etc...

Any of these documents might serve to point you in the direction of a pressing customer need.

External sources of such information might include:

  • Other marquee hire websites
  • News/blog articles
  • User websites (event planner business websites)
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare etc..)
  • Forums

Drawing insights from the above points will only arm your business more effectively for answering the most commercially relevant and therefore valuable questions of your audience members.

Shortlisting the most important questions

Once you've gleaned your raw data, you'll want to extract and distil a list of your audience's most pressing commercial questions - which you intend to answer.

With each question it is worth highlighting exactly what type of customer it is which the question will be most applicable to.

As not to incur delays in the early stages of campaigning, we advise you store up around 150 questions in advance of beginning - that way you won't run out of steam before pulling in a decent audience.

Expressing your expertise

The next task is to choose your approach for providing answers for those questions. An old jotter pad and some well thought out scrawling will suffice at this stage.

The most important thing is just to outline the basis of your answers to the questions in principle.

As for how you flesh out the points later on is a matter of writing style, which can be managed during the production/editing phase.

Do I have enough time to manage my content marketing and run my business simultaneously? Won't it take my focus off hiring marquees?

Hiring marquees and being on hand to answer customer queries, as you will know from experience, are closely linked.

Therefore as they work in tandem in the general operation of your business in any case, this would indicate how intricately associated the production of useful customer content should be to running your business.

In short, producing content to answer the questions of your audience should be as natural as speaking to customers and prospects about your products and services.

If you are doing one, you should be doing the other.

As for how much time you should give to content marketing...it just wouldn't be prudent to make a judgment on this without being made aware of the proposed benefits. So, I share with you just some of the benefits of content marketing:

[1] Increase number of sales leads through better buyer confidence via...

  • demonstrating leading expertise
  • promoting operational transparency 
  • dealing with questions your peers fear to answer
  • stimulating commercially relevant sales dialogue

[2] Producing more ready to buy (hire) enquirers by...

  • handling earlier stage objections upfront
  • enabling customers to compare like-for-like value for money

[3] Close a much higher rate of sales by...

  • giving so much collateral that prospects simply don't want to miss out!

[4] Drastically reduce your advertising spend by...

  • pull marketing vs. push marketing
    • providing useful answers via user initiated search, rather than...
      • inserting a pushy message at a time of interruption

How much would it mean to your business bottom line to multiply your sales leads x increase 'ready to buy' enquiries x close more sales x reduce advertising spend?

Can you afford to turn away content marketing?

Your primary tools for content marketing...

  • Self-hosted WordPress website & blog
  • Microsoft Powerpoint


Your website/blog is your hub for the whole effort.

It should function as a digital shop front and sales person for your business.

You want to make the most of this first impression because you may not get another chance to begin your commercial conversation with any particular prospect once they've bounced off.

Your blog is the learning centre for your whole business online. It is highly categorised repository of canned answers to your prospects questions.

Remembering the more value you give in showing your workings out, the more appreciation you'll gain from prospects and retention of your audience's attention.

Transparency is key, according to our commercial experience, on this point alone many buying decisions are made.

Because your blog houses all of your content and is therefore the primary distribution outlet, it is also the engine room for attracting your highly valued online audience visits.

More content x more frequently published = more opportunities for Google and other search engines/social sites to serve valuable answers to your prospects' questions. Fact.


This is a little known help when entering into the foray of digital content marketing.

Powerpoint actually offers a high level of graphic design proficiency (with very user-friendly intuitive controls) and all for the inclusive cost of having Microsoft Office installed on your computer.

As popularly recommended also by the global leader of inbound marketing software, Hubspot, you can literally save £'000s in Adobe Photoshop license fees or graphic designer commissions by simply using the basic out of the box Powerpoint functions.

Between WordPress and Powerpoint your will have enough at your fingertips to elaborately furnish your very own online content marketing hub providing prospective customers with persuasive collateral-backed reasons for getting directly in touch.

How much content and how often should I post from my blog in order to get a good ROI (return on investment)?

A compelling case study by Bill Belew, content marketing lecturer and expert, shows as much as a 10x improvement in visiting web traffic by posting several times a day vs. once a day.

The case showed that posting as much as 3 posts per day for up to four months yielded as much as 3,000 unique web visitors per month vs. 300-1000!

Posts written in this study were 300+ words long each, so nothing too in-depth, but enough to get a point across and add value to the conversation.

Struggling to find out when you might have the time to post 3x per day?

Think about how often you Tweet or post on Facebook in an average business day...consider using full sentences, correct grammar and I'm sure you'll comfortably hit your word count to produce a post to your blog.

A quick example of content marketing done well by a small business...

[Note - With a little thinking outside of the box, you'll find the details surrounding the following case study fairly transferable to the marquee hire industry]:

Wood Finishes Direct, now a premier online retailer in the UK, began as a small rural-based direct sales start-up selling...you've guessed it...wood finish (inc. polish, waxes etc..)

Find out how this company started internet retailing from scratch and went LIVE online in 2007 with their now highly successful blog, giving advice to prospective customers. They took 172 orders in their first month of e-commerce trade, and since then have completed over 430,000 sales.

An example of their prolific audience engagement via their blog can be seen here with their blog post entitled,
Learn How To Stain Wood in 8 Steps”  which was published in Thursday March 6th 2014, and since then has single handedly attracted 136 blog responses (within 3 years from publication).

From one blog post alone...136 direct customer enquiries via their blog.

Thinking of having a go at your own marquee hire version of a content marketing campaign? Feel free to book mark this page for future reference & share your results in comment below.

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