Decrease Ad Spend For Your Marquee Hire Business

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Decrease Advertising Spend For Your Marquee Hire Business

There are many innovative methods for decreasing advertising spend for your marquee hire business - did we miss any...

Advertising spend for any most marquee hire businesses can be one of the most uncertain expenses in light of 'return-on-investment' (ROI), yet one of the least likely to be axed, or even challenged.

But why is decreasing ad spend for marquee hire businesses so unchallenged, especially with low-cost, highly effective DIY, internet marketing available?

Although a 'traditional' (and some would argue...) 'outdated' method of reaching a consumer, or business audience: advertising, whether print (magazine) or digital* (Google Adwords or Industry Directory), is still highly favoured among business owners, including marquee hire contractors without even so much as a ballpark figure of ROI produced 

(* whereas with Google Adwords, of course, comprehensive analytical data is possible - yet it lacks the DIY cost advantage of other non-advertising types of digital marketing).

I guess it is difficult to break old habits...only should the mind change.

Once something is perceived as having value in the sight of a particular crop of people, what they then hand down to those that come after them, as apparently 'golden advice', is never questioned, even when proven flawed or frankly inadequate.

It then takes something really 'different' to make its mark, in order to change their minds. If old stalwarts would lose confidence in that old way having the ability to solve their problem, only then would with haste and urgency listen to the proposal of the new.

Here's such a 'different' story to displace the old taste of ad spend with the new flavour of DIY digital marketing done (REALLY) well...

"The company had been spending about $250,000 a year on radio, television and pay-per-click advertising. It would now cut the budget to about a tenth of that and focus on generating sales through informational blog posts and videos, what has become known as content marketing." - New York Times

Digital marketing has totally turned local service area marketing on its head.

Where as many depended on relatively expensive directory listings or featured advertisements placed on incumbent advertiser platforms,  the last 10-12 years especially has seen the unprecedented uptake of internet-marketing as the preferred method of 'getting out there'.

What are the advantages of using digital marketing over traditional advertising for your marquee hire business?

Digital marketing by definition works by and is built upon numbers or rather digits.

This is a fundamental plus point when compared with traditional print advertising, where determining the accurate metrics is altogether grey and undefined.

If you can count the most incremental aspects of your marketing minutiae, then you have at your finger-tips more detailed insight surrounding what is working, how, how much, where, when and all the other relevant investment indicators.

Once you've made the switch to the enclosed and calibrated systems of digital marketing and your new-found performance analytics has helped you discover many more opportunities for growth, you'll find your marketing becomes a far more engineered set of processes, than the otherwise 'hit and miss' guess-ology you previously practiced.

Budget wise, digital marketing really enables you to concentrate more of what you've got toward more of 'what you want to get'.

Where re-investment into the areas which bring optimal return increases, many business owners experience not only compounded financial gains, but also collateral benefits (like snowballing brand recognition) over the long-term.

What are the prerequisites to digital marketing like a pro?

"Does this sound like you?..."

  • the will to succeed!
  • knowledge on your subject - for days, weeks, months and years! Non-stop...
  • an internet connection
  • a speedy personal computer
  • a smart phone with megapixel camera
  • ability to sacrifice 2 hours a day to write conversationally about what you know to teach others
  • enjoy seeing others reap the benefits of what you know
  • not doing this in order to make money or to get rich - but because you are able to help

Then you've got what it takes to do well at digitally marketing your marquee hire business all the way into the no.1 spot.

How would you break down the key success factor of digital marketing in layman's?

Think about your sales conversion rate.

What is the factor which mostly seals your deals?

For many a marquee hire company owner, it is getting in front of the customer which brings home the spoil most effectively.

Face-to-face sales meetings rather than phone, or email allow most contractors to let their expertise and professionalism to speak for themselves, therefore satisfying every objection, every question and every proposal with return power that scores points every time.

But the age-old question with marketing has always been, "...but how do I get myself and my business before as many people within my marketplace as possible?"

As mentioned before, advertisers with established reach have long been the favoured means for attracting new customers for marquee hire contractors, but adverts by definition as being 'rented commercial space' come at a great budgetary premium to small businesses and of course, with recurring cost implication.

But with, digital marketing this 'away' disadvantage has really been brought 'home'.

In the early days, the tools available to business owners for starting-up and promoting their own, low-cost internet publication were prototype and Beta at best and therefore required some technical know how to handle effectively.

This made digital marketing prohibitive for many whom without in-house help would need to outsource to a competent professional.

These days, content management systems like WordPress are simple, novice-friendly, intuitive digital publication platforms which in minutes can be implemented from scratch and customised with drag-and-drop precision for launch.

Within 24hrs your first weblog post could be out there in the public domain for all to read.

Also, digital publishing formats can be far more detailed than standard ad slots and of course with design license (within reasonable levels of decency) to say what you want.

Search engines have proven a most convenient means of internet users researching and having questions answered before a person or business makes costly or even risky investment decisions.

Global market leading search engine, Google, has honed its automated search algorithms over the years for delivering the most accurate information according to the users' request.

Businesses which have taken the plunge to harness such popular technical trends, have learned over the years that they way to succeed at search engine marketing is to provide a genuinely useful and beneficial answer to the prospective customer's question - irrespective of making a sale.

This kind of sincere communication puts customers in the best position for making the most beneficial investment, which is really the whole point of business - you're there to help, not sell.

So where do I start if I want to use the internet to promote my marquee hire business?

We've compiled for you a list which we feel is comprehensive, yet not exhaustive...we can't possibly have covered every feel free to pass comment in true blog readers tradition, at the bottom of this page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): learn about the technical functioning of the search engines and gain interpretation of how best to position your marquee hire business under commercial search terms, or keyword searches, for the sharing of the wealth of your help.

Content Management System (CMS): your digital hub for all content formats which you create is the content management system. You'll log into this every day as you curate, develop and finalise your content to be published.

Your website should run off this CMS and your commercial news channel, the company blog, will be powered by this back office marketing powerhouse. An archive for all you collect and bring together for publishing.

Responsive/Mobile Web Design: with increasing internet users accessing the web via their mobile device, ensuring that your marquee hire website is made using web development technology which renders well on portable devises makes a big difference.

Loss of content or jumbled up displays due to mobile device incompatibility will increase the rate of visitors bouncing off your site to find one of your peers' websites to receive the answer to their question.

Blog: web-logging (or blogging) is a powerful tool to have within your digital marketing toolbox.

Search engines eat content - quickly and in large volumes. Blogs are used to publish content - quickly and in large volumes.

Search engines want - a reason to revisit your website, regularly. Well written blog articles give the likes of Google - good reason to revisit your website, regularly.

If you want a baseline to work from in the quest of rising the search engine rankings, start blogging today.

Social Media Platforms: socially promoting by sharing the new, daily content which you produce expands your reach.

Social is instant, direct conversation and therefore offers very unique advantages above other forms of internet marketing.

Platforms such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter etc. provide excellent reach into the daily routine and activity streams of your target audience.

Image: correctly tagged photos and graphical images are a recommended component of SEO for website and blog owners.

Complimentary images which add value to the message outlined in the blog post or article can serve to make your content more visible in the search engine rankings.

Also online, digital image gallery scrapbooks like Pinterest act as a single repository for your helpful images to reach customers.

Video: video is a very persuasive method of getting your point across.

It brings you right into conversation with your prospects, directly & face-to-face...without having to be...face-to-face. It is therefore one of the most effective digital sales tools at your disposal.

Learn how to use it responsibly and to your advantage.

Podcast: focused teaching sessions on one topic or another are effectively and cheaply conveyed by podcasts.

Freely and sincerely talk about what you know in easy-to-digest, soundbites which your hearers can take with them wherever they go, stored as MP3 on their smart phone puts them continually within 'listening distance' of those expert gems of yours.

Open up in great depth and breadth the more complex aspects of your knowledge base, by lining up podcasts as series, which adds compounded continuity to your teaching, layering-on exponential understanding to the listener.

Mobile App: getting the eyes and ears of your audience is one thing, but retaining their attention and keeping them served  continually with what they value most, is another more daunting task.

Smart phones are the communication anchor for most consumer and business people in these days.

Having customers continually logged into a stream of tailored digital communications - a 24hr channel by which you can reach them and vice versa in their pocket, is what a mobile phone app will do for your marquee hire business.

It doesn't replace the marketing priority of producing the answers to their questions, but what it does do is get you plugged in.

Guest Post: as the internet is driven by content, guess what one of the most valuable resources you have which other businesses will want to acquire...that's it, content.

Websites like The Balance (a personal finance blog) for example are set-up as an online hub where answers to the most commonly asked questions surrounding a core topic are farmed out to be answered by experts, or at the very least, informed researchers.

Many content hubs seek for such as you to freely offer up your expertise to those readers of theirs who are interested to hear.

No transaction nor charges either way, but simply authorship credit given to the author of the article, often with a link back to your website driving readers direct to you.

Phone Tracking: with a local service provision business like marquee hire, you can expect your prospective customers to want to speak with someone in preference to emailing.

From our experience as marketers in the event industry we have seen as many as 70% of enquirers preferring to phone rather than choosing to fill in a web form.

But with so many different types of marketing activities attempted by businesses like yours, how can you really be sure if it was as a result of your latest blog post which generated that last call or the business card you left on your local cornershop bulletin board?

Without really knowing this, how will you know whether you are going to continue investing your time writing daily posts answering customers' questions, if you don't know that it really pays off? The answer for many a local services businesses has been, phone tracking.

With VOIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) technology these days, delivering calls direct to smart phones at small cost, the investment in phone tracking is relatively negligible, when compared with the potential ROI.

CRM Automation: speed, plus agility seems to work well for a cheetah in achieving it's goal, so why not for a marquee hire company in marketing?

Staying on top of client communications whilst...visiting client sites, checking stock levels, driving on the road and of course installing/demounting can be near impossible, without a little extra help.

Why not use customer relationship marketing software to set in action, ready-made communications for keeping your clients up-to-date with what they need, at any given time.

So how do I put all this together and start reducing my marquee hire company ad spend today?

Like with any campaign, if it is to be successful, you need a plan.

Selmore advises that if you are looking to add these many strings to your company's marketing bow, then take a look at our business planning templates and spreadsheet tools.

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