Custom Event Management Templates
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Event Management Templates

Event management templates will keep you 'on the beat' as you tackle your tasks with the advantage of detailed, documented oversight.

Event management at the best of times can be a overstretched experience. Any efficiencies gained within the day-to-day handling of necessities can make all the difference in relieving your potential for stress.

Templates are a quick and easy way to make such gains. They provide you with the ability to readily format your often undefined and rather raw data sets into easily digestible bite-sized chunks.

There are many tools, both digital and physical which can help professional managers keep their documentation in check - in our experience we have chosen, MS Excel software for bringing together event related data into meaningful, manageable servings.

Why we chose MS Excel to create our custom event management templates?

There are many digital tools which we could have trialled, but the most obvious, whilst also being arguably the most naturally capable tool (at least on paper/screen), was by far MS Excel. For use far and wide, it offers these benefits:

  • Both PC and Mac compatibility
  • Easy to learn - straight out of the box
  • Many online tutorials available
  • Ability to perform custom programming & calculations
  • Expandable

...and more!

A table of contents summary for our in-house custom event management templates

  • Project Initiation Document
  • Business Case
  • Feasibility Plan
  • Management Plans
    • Communication
    • Relationship
    • Stakeholder
    • Cost
    • Labour
    • Procurement
    • Quality
    • Risk
    • Scope
    • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Control
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Project Status
  • Financial Reports
    • Ledgers & Day Books
    • Profit/Loss
    • Cashflow
    • Personnel Budget
    • Sales Projection
    • Event Budget
    • Inventory
  • Close
    • Acceptance
    • Lessons Learned/Review

This is the overall scope of the event management templates we created using Excel.

Who are these event management templates for?

As for how these templates might help you, they were made with a busy, multitasking management professional in mind to facilitate in gaining a greater handle on the complexity of your projects, whilst focusing more of your time on doing what really counts...less time spent doing admin.

If you are involved in delivering event services in any way, you might find these templates could help you keep sight of all the key factors of managing a successful event, whilst communicating competently with clients and other stakeholders in a timely and effective way.

We figure the following job titles will all find these Excel templates particularly useful: venue managers, event planners, marquee hire contractors, caterers/chefs, event name but a few.

We have developed these templates to be intuitive for almost any proficiency of Excel user.  They each come with written instructions which are well written to guide you into how you might gain the best value out of using them. We plan to record screen cast videos to accompany the downloaded files, for supporting users' understanding of the templates.

Will these templates help with specialist topics such as 'temporary demountable structures' etc.?

These templates are strictly vanilla. Made with a general audience in mind. They are developed to apply to any event professional and so, 'no' we haven't in this suite of tools tackled the handling and documentation of such specialist event topics.

However, we have designed an array of specialist excel templates to tackle topics like marquee hire site visits or marquee wind management plans. Our health & safety posts are, in our opinion, a worthwhile read for events professionals seeking a well-rounded knowledge base on a range of event health and safety issues.

Need to know a bit more to see if these templates are really for you?

Following this post is a series of posts, unveiling the list of templates as listed above, offering detailed drill down into each sub-topic, one at a time.

There are product screenshots available within each post of the excel management templates - giving you an upfront taster or preview of what to expect should you choose to invest and download the tools yourself.

How are these management templates made available for download?

These management templates are available for purchase and digital download at our membership options page which also presents some of the other benefits we offer to subscribers.

Is threre a free trial or example template to take a look at?

Yes. We have produced a marquee hire site visit template to give you an idea of the quality and layout of out Excel products.

Bear in mind it is a more simplified version of what to expect from these more comprehensive event management templates, but the idea is this freebie should offer you a glimpse of the more involved suite.

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