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Frame Marquee hire Price Calculator

How Selmore set out and accomplished the publishing of a UK online average, frame marquee hire price calculator?

What good is frame marquee hire price calculator anyway?

I suppose it depends whose prices are published.

What if I were to tell you that we have published an average of all of the main frame marquee hire providers in the UK who so kindly published their up-to-date prices on their websites.  (n.b. prices were according to 2016/17 season).

This resource could be good for internal benchmarking, if you are a marquee hire company.

Finding out where your prices generally sit in relation to your peers.

Perhaps not for direct indication of your price strategy. But maybe, just to give you gauge if something is amiss in your business planning.

A calculator like this might be useful for your marquee hire customers who might want to compare like-for-like between your prices and the prices of others.

This resource might just give them some firmer grounding with which to make a value for money assessment.

The average price is worked out on mean average, i.e. all the prices added together and divided by the number of suppliers.

How do we use this frame marquee hire price calculator?

Very easily.

Simply choose your expected number of guests from the drop down box.

Select your chosen layout.

The calculator spits out your input criteria, for confirmation and more importantly for you, the user, it gives an overall average UK online price!


These frame marquee hire prices are just an average of those prices published openly by providers. In our experience, there were not that many (...hint, hint!)

The prices were minus extras, like furniture, lighting, heating. Just the raw cost of hiring the structure.

If you want further package pricing, you'll need to research online further.

The prices of each provider will change season to season as price determinants change. Todays prices may not be tomorrows.


It will save you masses of time trawling through endless provider's websites for prices.

Or, having awkward phone calls whilst only window shopping.

Discretely take a look at our averages and get a feel for how much it would cost to hire a frame marquee hire in the UK.

This calculator is not absolute. You will of course have those extreme cases and also many providers don't publish prices which makes this a very general yard stick.

We hope to update this annually and improve it as you share you thoughts with us.

What are you thinking so far?

Take a look at our frame marquee hire price calculator below...

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