Install Wedding Marquees On Wednesday…To Be Safe

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Install Wedding Marquees On The Wednesday

Experienced marquee hire contractors say, "it is best to install wedding marquees on Wednesday."

As with many marquee weddings being planned to take place on Saturday/Sunday, the question often is asked "how many days in advance should you erect the marquee?"

The resounding advice from those who have been in the industry long enough is install the marquee on the Wednesday.

This indeed means a 6 day hire duration (rather than a typical 5 day hire), but in the interest of sound logistical planning and prudence - it's best to give it the extra day.

As those in the know will tell you, the one thing which can thoroughly undo a solid event management plan is bottlenecks.

They create unbearable constraints and undue pressure, multiplied across many contractors, which can swiftly overflow, or even explode much like a primed bottle of champers.

All takes is a little build-up of stress from being shaken here or there in the background, and the result can be an absolute blowout.

Allow us to shed a little more detail on our rationale for preferring Wednesday...

Weddings are by nature complex events, with very many more variables involved than the average personal or commercial gathering.

With so much invested in the entire experience for both the bride and bridegroom, but also guests, making sure the planning and preparatory phases go smoothly without 'hitch', so to speak, is great gain to all involved.

With many marquee contractors generally preferring to install wedding marquees on Thursday, let us just consider some very persuasive benefits which support just that one extra day's worth of preperation.

Sloping ground:

  • Where the ground has a significant gradient or undulating variability, a suspended wood floowing is the answer.
  • The laying down of this flooring is a feat of engineering and needs plenty of time left before and after to allow for the job to be done confidently and comfortably.
  • A Wednesday start gives a more flexible window of time to work in with less pressure.

Car park installation:

  • Where the marquee is being installed in a car park, many venue owners would insist a Thursday install to prevent disruption to their other patrons.
  • Seek a Wednesday install, but be prepared that a Thursday arrival might not be negotiable.

Home garden installation:

  • Home-based weddings on the garden are an increasingly popular option.
  • For additional time to customise the tent and to transform it into the personalised event space you always imagined, will take a lot of preparation time.
  • Wednesday installation will give you 48hrs to work in your event space alongside other event service providers to get it all just right, before a Saturday commencement.


  • Caterers will often want to set-up on Friday, in preparation for a Saturday event.
  • Some, for a particularly challenging or large scale wedding, would prefer to set-up on Thursday.
  • Avoid your rigging crew obstructuing catering staff in their set-up by arriving a day earlier - on Wednesday.

Where can I find examples of marquee wedding case studies to get some ideas for my event?

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