Cash Flow Statement For Event Management
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Cash Flow in Event Management

Calculating an event management cash flow statement  - a spreadsheet tutorial

An event management cash flow statement keeps the executive team in the black on balance and therefore able to fulfill operational expenses without hitch such as wages or other revenue outlay.

Keeping a keen eye on exactly how money comes into the event budget and how money goes out, with defined checkpoints line up in the statement allows for foresight where it counts to avoid embarrassing short comings.

Our internally developed and designed, Selmore Event Hire - Event Management Templates include a user-friendly cash flow statement made in Microsoft Excel. This spreadsheet is just one of many in our 'Bookkeeping and Accounting Workbook' which are especially configured for ease of handling, intuitive interaction and expert presentation.

Never find yourself short again in the management of your event cash flow, by using this template as an aid for  exercising professional prudence with the investments made by all stakeholders involved.

The following is a short instructional video on how to use our event management cash flow statement Excel template:

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Here is a quick breakdown of the content of the video for your digest:

    1. Simple, intuitive interface: We designed this template with the Excel novice in mind - so it is without complication. Everything in the layout was put down with ease in mind and saving of time. We inserted helpful pop-up comments where needed to help you speedily find the cells where your input is required to make things happen.
    2. Conditional formatting: The net cash balance row (Row 5) being the red, amber, green section of this template is highlighted by conditional formatting to inform you at a glance of just how afloat or under your event budget is at any given checkpoint. When in negative figures the net cash balance cell for that period automatically changes colour to red, when break-even it turns amber and when in clear profit it befittingly turns green!
    3. Changeable date range: Simply adjust the date range of the template to suit your conditions. Apply the date to the first date cell of that row (B3), and then thereafter drag the corner of B3 straight through to M3 to create a continuous sequence. The dates don't have to be monthly increments. If weekly or daily suits in preference, feel free to change.
    4. Input starting balance: The starting balance of the entire statement shows a sum of what is in your event budget from the beginning. This figure then is the starting point by which subsequent balances will be in submission to.
    5. Input sales: Interim event sales are inputted into the statement, whether those sales be deposits, gate receipts etc. whatever they may be, cells B10-M10 is where they will be summarised.
    6. Input expenses: Event expenses incurred throughout the duration are summarised and written at each interval from cells B14-M14.
    7. Auto calculation of balances and power gauage: Saving on time and in prevention of error, the statement automatically calculates the balances whether the be net cash, sales or expenditures. If you are always able to keep an eye on where you stand budget-wise at any given moment without messy manual calculations, the you spend more time performing value critical tasks. Each checkpoint period has a blue power gauge within, which indicates relative net cash balance.
    8. Bar chart summary: For a quick schematic of the overall picture, there is a bar chart summary embedded within the template which shows the pattern of availability cash throughout the event duration.
    9. End of year line: You can mark clearly the end of year/season for example or perhaps, end of week with the bright yellow vertical cut off line in the table.
    10. Erase and start again: Come to the end of your event? Why not wipe all the figures and start again on the next!

Ready to download our custom built, Event Management Cash Flow Statement in Excel?

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