Blog Series: 10 Things You Ought To Know About Marquee Cleaning

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An Introduction To Marquee Cleaning

With such a high turnover of bookings & a premium on appearance, effective marquee cleaning is vital

Marquee cleaning done effectively can make all the difference for keeping stock availability continuous during the rigours of a peak season and maintaining standards off-peak, in anticipation of an expedient follow-on.

Canopy coverings, although made sturdy enough, can take quite a battering through the continual cycles of use, logistical travel and storage, leaving the general condition of the fabric, under par, by comparison.

With so many environmental factors working to tarnish the pristine white finish of typical marquee coverings, it doesn't take much to leave a noticeable blemish rendering the structure decommissioned until remedied.

The knock on effect can be quarantined stock, which can threaten to unravel a tightly bound and interwoven book of back-to-back event installations. Without the means to achieve a superior finish by cleaning in-house, or back-up contingency lined up, an emergency, professional marquee clean is called for.

What considerations should a marquee hire company make regards cleaning their canopies?

Your chosen marquee manufacturer, as with any responsible maker of products, will provide recommended DIY guidelines for cleaning dirt, stains and grime from the fabric of your structure.

However, for a truly superior professional help.

There are many benefits to getting specialist help to clean your marquee canopies, not least preserving the shelf-life of your capital equipment.

Whilst there are many references for online for 'marquee cleaning', we endeavour to pool together the most valuable insights concerning this topic; featuring the most prominent contract cleaners, showcasing examples of their work and sharing their customer reviews.

What are the 10 things you ought to know about marquee cleaning?

  1. Type of fabric to be cleaned...
    • ...every material behaves entirely differently due to its chemical composition and physical properties. Thus a unique cleaning approach must be taken in order to achieve optimal results for each type of marquee. Prior knowledge of fabric behaviour can save much wasted time and effort battling ineffectively.
  2. Type of dirt or stain...
    • ...environmental factors having their impact upon the cleanliness of the marquee cover can contribute to the dulling or frank marring of the structure. The type of dirt on the cover can make a big difference to the approach taken to clean.
  3. Duration...
    • ...the longer the dirt is left atop the canopy, the more likely the dirt will be ingrained into the fabric making it harder to shift by conventional means.
  4. Detergent...
    • ...the chemical action of the chosen cleaning solution, if combined with the right fabric can easily lift up the soiling making light work of otherwise stubborn & unsightly markings.
  5. Methods of delivering cleaning services...
    • ...onsite vs. offsite are the two options with serviced marquee cleaning. Largely dependant upon cost and the size/facilitation of premises to accommodate the cleaning mobile units plus power requirements etc. a marquee hire company may prefer one or other option to suit their set-up.
  6. Machinery...
    • ...mainly due to scale of fabrics being cleaned, the machinery used in such operations is specialised and purpose-built to handle the task of marquee cleaning with ease. Specialist manufacturers have developed finely tuned, feats of engineering to tackle this oversized practical/logistical challenge.
  7. Cost comparison...
    • with any project which requires investment of valuable resources, diligent search will be made for discovering and assessing alternative options for viability and cost effectiveness. With marquee cleaning being such a significant undertaking, it will pay to count the cost of the options, before deciding upon the most appropriate.
  8. Service benefits...
    • ...cost, however, is not the only service feature to sway the preferred cleaning delivery method i.e. onsite vs. offsite. There are also other service benefits which ought to be weighed up, such as timeliness, which might equally or more profoundly impact the bottom line of your marquee business.
  9. Examples of marquee cleaning services with case studies...
    • ...there is nothing quite like seeing something for yourself. The same would apply to marquee cleaning. Once witnessed, your appreciation of what would seem a mundane task will grow, and not only of the task itself but also of those that perform the duty.
  10. Customer reviews...
    • ...and what getting a glimpse of the service itself doesn't convey, a customer review or testimonial sure will. We gather together a collection of formal cleaning service reviews given by major corporate marquee hire companies, relating to the marquee cleaning services which they received.

Have we missed, anything? Follow on this series to see if we deal with that omission later on. Otherwise, why not contribute to the conversation in comment below?

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