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Marquee Cleaning Detergent

Marquee cleaning detergents are rumoured among many online industry forums, but a specialist product surely can't be compared...

Marquee canopies and linings are specialist materials, which likewise require specialist care.

Whilst we have already documented an overview of marquee cleaning and showcased the various difficulties presented by ingrained dirt, we are still yet to focus on an ideal marquee cleaning detergent.

Is bleach solution and a scrubbing brush not sufficient for cleaning up a heavily soiled marquee cover?

According to the experts, 'harsh' general purpose chemical cleaning agents are very damaging to cleaning your marquee covers.

Coupled with abrasive scrubbing techniques, even dilute bleach solutions can lead to complete removal of protective proofing surface treatments and also irreversible discolouration.

Textile manufacturers, Herculite, offer the following advice against using bleach solutions for your prized PVC (poly vinyl chloride) marquee covers:

  • "...avoid harsh cleaning products and solvent chemicals...soft, non-abrasive cloths to wipe down material...if it (bleach solution) discolours or damages your fabric...look for a cleaning solution that is specifically made for vinyl."

Are there any prominent marquee fabric cleaning detergents in the market?

Enter Cleresolutions! As distributed by Lombard Trading throughout the South of England, this seems to be the answer to  a specialist marquee cleaning detergent.

Whilst serving other allied outdoor-based industries like marine, agriculture and graphics media with its suite of cleaning products, Cleresolutions' common expertise is developing cleansing agents for maintaining vinyl and canvas based material fabrics.

The Cleresolutions marquee cleaning products come in three categories:

  1. Marqueeclere
    • ...prevents staining and degradation, both of which are responsible for giving tired looking, dulled appearance of marquee materials. This product stops the material from incurring any further damage by chemically, but safely, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and algae.
    • ...it reinforces kader and stitching also from becoming stained by mould and other microbial impregnation and growth (99.99% of all known types of microbe are inhibited by Marqueeclere, including mildew and mould etc.).
    • ...surface micro-cracking, resulting from continuous folding of PVC, is also protected by layering chemical technology.
  2. Marqueeclene
    • ...removes dirt and grime effectively off most materials including PVC & canvas. It claims to also be effective in removing grime from aluminium and timber, even.
    • ...traffic film is a particular pervasive type of environmental soiling substance which predominantly is airborne, made up of a complex concoction of soot and smog particles mixed with atmospheric moisture. When 'baked on' by UV sunlight radiation, this film becomes a stubborn dirty lacquer which is famously challenging to remove. Think HGV tarpaulin with that faded grey film on top.
    • ...environmental protection is important when cleaning your marquee materials. Phosphates and other chemicals in many known cleaning solutions can cause water depletion in local watercourses killing off marine wildlife. Marqueeclene claims prominently not to be composed of such chemicals. No strong alkalis or bleaching agents in it's manufacture according to labelling, but biodegradable ingredients only.
  3. Marqueewash
    • ...great for linings and coverings - added during the machine wash cycle of a marquee cleaning routine. The gel has a conditioner also for the fabric which adds further flexibility and durability to the material against future use.
    • ...it claims not to weaken stitching or fabric joins.
    • ...no need to apply harsh scrubbing techniques. Apparently all the cleaning/protection is done by spraying on the product - formulated for promoting material longevity.

Do you have any experience with using these cleaning products or any others which work? Please leave us a note below.

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