Benefits of Booking A Marquee Cleaning Service

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Marquee Cleaning Service

Assessing the benefits of booking a marquee cleaning service vs a DIY approach

Using a professional service provider for cleaning your marquee can be just the solution for helping you keep up the pace!

Are you considering a marquee cleaning service? This is a quick summary of what you might expect.

Cleaning marquees, as well as hiring them, might be one step too far and might stretch your team.

For one reason or another you might consider draughting in the help of some proven professionals.

Before taking the plunge to outsource this 'mission critical' maintenance task, consider the benefits of using a specialist marquee cleaning company.

A quick list of benefits in using a marquee cleaning service

The following are the most apparent benefits for using an external marquee cleaning service:

  1. Keep operational staff capacity available
  2. Conserve use of space at your premises
  3. Get consistent results
  4. Dried and pressed covers ready to go
  5. Cheaper than manual labour
  6. Less abrasive - longer lasting covers and linens

The points above are undoubtedly business and operational advantages - allowing your resources to be allocated to more profitable functions like fulfilment (manual labour) and service.

OK, so now you're aware of the benefits, you may want to know more detail of what to expect when you make your booking.

Method used by marquee cleaning companies

Professional marquee cleaning companies use a marquee cleaning machine to fulfil their auxiliary service.

This is a specialist piece of equipment, resembling a car-wash in some cases or giant washing machine in others.

The 'car-wash' variety of machine takes the marquee fabrics through a number of stages of cleansing, namely:

  • Prewash soak
  • Bristle bath scrub
  • Blow dry
  • Fold

Such a machine can accommodate the cleaning of Clearspan PVC material covers only, as traditional canvas will lose proofing lacquer to the abrasion of the bristle bath scrub. This of course is a limitation for you if you have canvas peg and pole sheets which you need to be cleaned.

As for the 'washing machine' type of machine, simply picture an oversized version of what you have at home and you're right on point.

An example run through of a marquee cleaning service booking

As with any service, it's worth finding out the 'all-inclusives' before you fully weigh up the investment value.

Whilst it doesn't leave much to the imagination as to what exactly a marquee cleaning service will perform - you might want further clarification on 'how' they do what they do.

What are the main options for consideration when booking marquee cleaning services?

The main option to decide on is how you want to bridge the logistics gap...collection, delivery or onsite clean.

  • Collection would rely on the provider to handle taking possession of your soiled covers, by visiting you.
  • Delivery gives you the responsibility of getting the covers to your cleaning company.
    • The hire of a courier to assemble your used fabric stock onto a pallet can be secured for a fee of about £70.00 (per 1,200 KG pallet).
  • Finally, an onsite clean would rely on you receiving at your premises, an articulated truck carrying a giant cleaning machine. With an available 32A 3-phase electric socket, a drain, a tap and some labour for assistance - you'll have just what it takes to accommodate your mobile cleaning unit.

What will your responsibilities to cooperate with your chosen outsourced cleaning provider be i.e. what will be expected of you...

Not that much actually...simply setting aside your dirties (both linens and external covers can be washed) is about all you need to do...alongside making payment too, of course!

What does the typical marquee cleaning services company offer as service provision?

  • Collection or onsite
  • Soak and Clean (specially formulated detergent)
  • Blow dry or air dry
  • Waterproofing
  • Folded & pressed

Whatever your preference within the bounds of the selections above, the your chosen provider will tailor according to your requirement.

What are the limitations?

As mentioned in more detail above, canvas fabrics will be a no go for most mechanical marquee cleaning service providers.

Covers heavily ingrained with soiling in particular mould and mildew are beyond most companies, but it's always best to ask.

Also, the quality of clean may not match the manual cleaning results - there's nothing quite like getting up close to your covers and removing the grime and dirt by hand to your personal standard and satisfaction. The only drawback here would be time and risk of removing waterproofing.

What is the cost?

Each company has it's own rate card, but touted prices online (found on provider's websites) are in the region of about 80p per square metre for PVC covers and 40p for lining.

Example videos of marquee cleaning machines at work

The following are video demonstrations of marquee cleaning machines at work:

The 'car wash variety' of marquee cleaning machine

  • Havencrown Marquee Cleaning Machine (Dorset, UK)...

The 'giant washing machine' variety of marquee cleaning machine

How do the costs of a marquee cleaning machine compare to other methods such as manual scrubbing? This article is a clear outline of the cost implications of investing in marquee cleaning.

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