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Succeeding at your marquee hire blog is actually much simpler than you think - if you think differently!

If running a marquee hire blog seems like increasing your workload, not reducing it. then think differently.

If you know the definintion of the word blog, you have just made it really simple for yourself.

Weblog = an online journal, or diary.

Whatever you are thinking, doing and talking about for work - simply think about how the content of that activity might be valuable to your marquee customers.

Savings on cost, understanding more about options available to them, get better utility out of your existing products, make more informed choices.

These things are the kind of helps which really connect with your audiences, because it shows you care enough to give them what most don't take the time to give.

Not that others couldn't, but rather that other don't. This gives you the edge.

In fact, see it as less of an edge, but rather a duty.

Why shouldn't customers know how pricing works and is calculated? Or, how much it costs you every time they cancel?

These are simple rudiments of how your business works, but if you don't open up about them, then you leave your customer unable to reach you.

A marquee hire blog is a great way to bridge the gap.

A daily charge should be mouted up against the continual noise of the search engine index. Break through, with breakthrough blogging!

Google and other search engines value content. Frequency. Quality. Duration. Endurance. This is the stuff of being an online champion.

Once you settle into a pattern of writing you become the pace setter for the industry and then draw in the crowd.

Try it.

Multiple posts a day will set you far in advance of any other blog in your space.

Don't compromise on meaningful soundbites though. Value will go much further than spam, as they call it. Give good value and people will appreciate the effort generally. Someone somewhere will.

Stick with a schedule. Don't make it overly complex. Think of each post effectively carrying a very important message which you don't want your audience to miss. Diluting with other stuff dulls the shine. Make it impactful.

Don't bother keywording it too deeply. Have an idea of what draws in traffic, but don't obssess. The slower you are and procrastinate, the less actual work you'll get done. This slows the whole things down.

But what about the results of running a marquee hire blog?

Many successful bloggers who don't mess around with the scientific approach of backlinking etc., but simply set a daily goal in number of blogs, and stick with it.

With 365 days a year, they simply multiply their expectations. 2 blogs per days = 700+ blogs per year. 3 = over 1,000. You get the message.

The more you write, the more you have opportunity to be found.

Having some simple SEO based rules will make sure you have a cutting edge to your strategy.

The following points will help you hit good levels of organic traffic, without having to spend on online advertising or getting involved in dodgy link exchanges:

  • Use WordPress
  • Get a good theme
  • Use Jetpack for simple background management
  • Sign-up to Google Analytics and Webmasters
  • Set up Yoast SEO with XML sitemaps to post pages & posts direct to search engines like Google
  • Set a good information architecture
  • Internally link
  • If you mention other industry professionals in your blog posts - email them to let them know (they may link back)
  • Use good photos of your work
  • Tag your photos and images with relevant ALT tags
  • Ensure page length is 500 words plus
  • Link out of each post to a relevant, high quality page
  • Use heading and bold, italics, underlined where it makes sense
  • Encourage comments

This isn't the law or anything, just well researched guidelines.

An example?

This blogger, Reinis Fischer, who started a few years ago writes about holiday reviews and economic topics. He began because he wanted to see what would happen if he just consistently blogged every day for 365 days.

Here are the results of his experiment:

Blog every day for a year on your marquee hire blog

If took a few months to really get going, but once he did, his organic results got up to several hundred users per day viewing his blog posts.

Background wise ( he tells it), he was no SEO pro, just someone who wanted to see what would happen if he was just simply consistent and focused.

His year two results:

Blog every day for two years on your marquee hire blog

Compounded benefits. Huge uptick in cumulative traffic - over 200,000 users visiting the blog. Monetization kicks in and some simple income made from basic advertising.

Apply these kind of results to your marquee hire blog and I'm sure you could see the benefits to your business?

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