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Exclusive Members Only Business Benefits

Business Strategy Templates

Our suite of custom Excel templates are made with marquee hire businesses in mind. The technicalities we cover are genuine day to day issues of planning and strategy for most marquee hire business owners.

Digital Design Templates

Download our vault of web and graphic design templates to fully furnish your standardised business communications. Our videos teach you how to customise the templates to suit.

Niche Advertising

Advertise to your niche audiences in order to progress your business plans via valuable introductions. Annual advertising leaves you with hassle free access to making your need known.

Telephone Verification

Every enquiry which we gather to pass on to a marquee hire firm is verified by phone by our team to ensure the contact details of the enquirer work. This ensures every leads generated is both genuine and viable.

Systematic Lead Generation

Our business is lead generation. We are specialists in making meaningful commercial contacts for those involved in the marquee hire or tent rental marketplaces. We achieve this in several ways for optimum results.

Social Media Promotion

Asking valuable questions and delivering equally valuable answers via social media is a strength of ours. Staying social can really open up channels of conversation which otherwise would be quite dry.

Marketing Tracking

Making sure we know what works with our marketing efforts is very prudent for ongoing budgeting. Uncovering both successes and failures will always keep us accountable.

Management & Accounting

Staying ahead on the financial books and establishing oversight over the business metrics of your marquee hire operation are key components of success.



How Much Does This Cost?

Online Advertisements Member

  Comprehensive Advertisements
Used Marquee For Sale
Wanted: Used Marquee
Wanted: Marquee Rigger
Advertisers Membership Only

£60.00 Annual

Ads & Digital Resources Member

  Comprehensive Resources
Business Planning Excel Templates
Management Excel Templates
Bookkeeping Excel Templates
Marketing Excel Templates
Ads & Excel Business Templates

Benefits include:
e.g. Year Round Advertising - One-fee
e.g. Profit Loss Template
e.g. Content Marketing Templates

£75.00 Annual

PLUS-2 Member

  Comprehensive Membership
Used Marquee For Sale
Wanted: Used Marquee
Wanted: Marquee Rigger


Business Planning Excel Templates
Management Excel Templates
Bookkeeping Excel Templates
Marketing Excel Templates
TDS Excel Templates


Custom WordPress Theme

WordPress Web Theme

Benefits include:
e.g. SEO Charged
e.g. Ideal for Your Business
e.g. Mobile Compatible
e.g. Easy To Customise
e.g. Video Training

£195.00 Annual

Lead Generation Services

Comprehensive Lead Generation
Geographically Targeted
By Marquee Type or Event Type
Convenient Payment Methods
Exclusive Access - Not Resold
Phone Verified Enquiry
Detailed Requirements Everytime
Only Pay What You Use
Marquee Hire Sales Leads

Benefits include:
e.g. Residential Bookings
e.g. Commercial Bookings
e.g. Wedding Bookings
e.g. Needing Equipment Too

£35.00 Per Lead

We Sell Marquee Hire Sales Across The Whole UK...


Frequently Asked Questions?

Am I entitled to updates?

Yes. All subscribers are entitled to the freshest helping of whatever service or product they have expressed interest in. We are continually improving on the standards we set, so there is often something new and relevant to receive.

Do you offer design services?

Yes. We specialise in market leading digital communications and where marquee hire is concerned we find there is much value we can add to the marketplace. If you are in need of refreshing your coporate image, please feel free to ask our opinion.

Is there a contract? Am I obligated?

NO, emphatically to both! We don't do contracts. If the arrangement works for you, we hope you'll simply continue.