Is Marquee PVC Freezing Point An Issue For Damage?

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Marquee PVC Freezing point

Is marquee PVC freezing point a factor to look out for as a precursor for structural damage?

As with any outdoor equipment, marquee tent materials are prone to becoming weathered through repeated and prolonged exposure to extreme conditions.

One such extreme, as common in a UK winter, is sub-zero temperature.

This period of climatic 'fall off' is not exactly the most bustling window of trade in the UK marquee hire market, but with increasing ability to serve venue space for winter events comfortably, the issue of marquee PVC freezing point becomes more relevant.

What's all this bother about freezing point anyway?

Clearly, we know from elementary physics that freezing temperatures can cause warping of a variety of materials, most commonly contracting, except in the obvious case of water where there is expansion.

With polymers/plastics, the primary change with an extreme drop in temperature is increased rigidity, making the material more brittle and prone to cracking under weight-bearing stress.

Within a residential building setting, the well-known damage risk from burst pipes in winter really comes from the expansion of 'water carrying' pipes beyond bulging capacity which produces cracks.

With marquees however, rigid PVC guttering and structural supports are not water loaded and therefore are not at risk from such physical damage.

But what about the PVC (300gsm  - 650 gsm) coverings? Are they altered by cold?

As for the lesser dense covering grade PVC, at freezing temperatures it doesn't seem to have any noticeable effects, other than creasing, if left folded at sub-zero temperatures for lengthy periods.

This is more of an aesthetic problem than anything else, nevertheless creased covers, especially on a high-profile job would probably be noticed and draw some negative attention.

In conclusion: PVC is quite an advantageous plastic which is known for its exceptional toughness and ability to withstand large delta shifts in temperature. A good all-round marquee hire material for long-term investment.

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