An Introduction To Working As A Marquee Rigger

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Marquee Riggers

A photo from a historical showcase of marquee labourers, courtesy of Barker's Marquees, UK marquee manufacturers of great expereince and heritage.

Marquee riggers: arguably the most valuable asset in the marquee hire business

Success in the marquee trade is built on quality of service and the best companies keep their results consistent with an enthusiastic and competent rigging crew, who are well trained and able to serve a the highest level - job after job.

Technicalities of marquee rigging has changed over the years...but some things remain the same!

As styles, sizes and types of marquee structure continue to expand, so do the teams of riggers required to create these remarkable structures.

Labour is a key asset to even the smallest marquee companies and is critical to meeting client expectations within the defined timeframes typical to events.

The erection and dismantlement of temporary structures requires robust training, physical effort, problem solving and good communication, both with team members and clients.

It is a practical skill that can be readily assimilated and is perfected with experience over many seasons of work.

A marquee rigging crew is the practical, operational, collaborative engine-room which ensures that an event is housed in a safe and yet, aesthetically well-presented structure.

Whatever the style of marquee (capri, peg and pole, clearspan etc), marquee riggers are able to deliver the desired results, diligently and promptly, and are the foundation of a marquee hire company.

Larger jobs for example erecting semi-permanent temporary dismountable structures may require a more complex skill mix, but the principle of foreman and crew remain the same.

Marquee rigging jobs: for the labourer who prefers the seasonal pattern of work.

The popularity of marquee events especially in the summer months means that there is disproportinoately high demand for availability of competent marquee riggers, typically durin the months of April to September.

Hourly rates of pay are sufficient and motivated individuals will find themselves with a surplus of work throughout consecutive seasons.

Projects range in duration and scale from small garden parties to major international sporting events and race meetings.

Working under the direction and oversight of a marquee forman, a typical marquee rigging crew work long and varied hours and are also responsible for the transport, haulage, maintenance, preparation and cleaning of equipment.

This work requires responsiveness and flexibility.  A clean driving licence is a desirable asset, especially if you are able to drive a (7.5 T van), or tow a trailer.

In addition to erecting the marquee structure, riggers may handle the installation of event lighting, HVAC, furnishings, and other event equipment.

For electrical installations labourers may need to liase with a qualified electrician as well as other event professionals such as DJs or performers. This means sound communication skills are essential, as well as a courteous demeanour which goes far in establishing the reputation of a marquee hire company.

Temporary stucture rigging of all kinds is a great choice for trainee scaffolders, construction professionals, as well as those looking for a well-paying part or full time, manual labour job.

There is a broad distribution of marquee rigging job opportunities across the country, offering the chance to relocate and experience the venues and landscapes of a different region.

Sunny weather, scenic locations, interesting events, fulfilling team work makes joining a marquee crew a great job choice for the practically inclined.

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