7 Reasons To Conduct A Thorough Marquee Hire Site Visit
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Marquee hire site visits are a mandatory element of outdoor event planning. As temporary demountable structures, they require considerable health and safety considerations

in order to provide the soundest service.

Top Tips for Marquee Hire Site Visit...

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“Why Conduct A Marquee Hire Site Visit?”

Whilst events by nature may be more about enjoyment and less about practicality, the building of a marquee tent – no matter how small, as a temporary demountable structure, requires careful deliberation.

Marquees are temporary buildings which are purposed to be put up and taken down on a short term basis. Therefore they must be flexible, robust and safe enough that their functioning fulfils the needs of a shelter/building structure for that short period, but offering the versatility of being removed speedily when the need expires.

The site of a marquee installation is very important consideration as much of the safety considerations surrounding its set-up are related to the exact location of where it is to be pitched. The considerations of the site features ought to be assessed well in advance of the date/time of the installation (with as much notice as possible) for the contractors to plan ahead for any potential challenges. Such features as sloping ground,  ground composition or overhead power cables etc. should be accounted for in an official site survey and documented as planning contingencies and solutions.

A site survey for marquee hire installation requires the taking of an accurate and complete record. We share within this blog post an Excel template site survey document for use by both marquee hire contractors and event organisers alike.


A marquee hire event brings with it a significant change to the existing landscape or environment and therefore careful consideration should be exercised as to the potential impact the event may have on the other incumbent residents.

The venue management is the first liaison for the event and therefore all relevant communications concerning the changes necessary for the marquee installation must be made to them comprehensively in advance.

The venue management may well distribute marquee site visit recordings to other relevant stakeholders for instruction in their roles in and around this temporary structure.

If there are any licenses which must be aqcuired for the official permission of certain aspects of the marquee installation, such checkboxes must also be ticked within this assessment.

One of the most apparent disturbances produced by marquee events to the host environment is noise. If the marquee event takes place in a residential neighbourhood, it is worthwhile performing the courteous duty of informing the neighbours of event timings in advance of the date. This will preempt them of any noise or otherwise, traffic or parking disturbances which may occur on the date.

The local police also should be informed in advanced with dates and times of when the event will be attended, giving them an answer in preparation for any calls they may receive by neighbours who perhaps were unaware of any planned disturbances.



Route and journey planning will give expediency for prompt arrival on site on the event date. Ensuring that you keep abreast of any unusual traffic changes or hinderances planned for the date will pay off as far as staying ahead of schedule.

Road access to the venue and whether or not parking is controlled, in particular will grant oversight to the marquee hire companny of what to expect when arriving. Any unaccounted for surprises potentially have the ability to derail the smooth running of the installaiton.


Environment & Neighbourhood

The environment and neighbourhood will be different in each case with unique consideration to make in each. The people around your event who are not partakers of the proceedings need to be dealt with compassionately and reasonably.

Whilst the occasion planned is for the enjoyment sake of the guests, you must also be aware of the fact that the event will to some degree affect your neighbours. Noise and litter are some of the inevitable, yet controllable aspects of your event which need stewardship for minimal disruption to others.


The approach to the installation site from the van is an important part of onsite planning for a marquee hire firm. A clear approach without hinderances or unaccounted for challenges to the place of installation will enable the rigging crew to fulfil their duties without unecessary and costly delay.

Anything that would be an obstacle, including trespass laws preventing the crew from accessing certain lands in between the unloading area and the build site itself will add duration and cost onto the eventual fee for installation.

Build Site

The site of build should be clear on the day in preparation of the rigging crew arriving on site and beginning their building work.

Aside from clearance, there are other issues to do with the build site which present technical problems which need overcoming by the team, such as sloping ground.

Where a slope is concerned, the team will have to build a floor to correct the gradient. This ensures the guests enjoy level flooring throught he event. This installation of flooring to accommodate sloping ground is a very technically advanced task and one which requires expertise, experience and advanced planning, hence the need of a site visit.

Site Hazards

Marquees as permanent building structures, can encounter many types of hazards as featured within the environments which they will be installed.

Because marquees are not a natural part of the installation environment, the ususal considerations and preparations than would apply to building permanent structures can somewhat be overlooked in scant planning before events.

In real adherance to health and safety planning, prudent marquee hire rigging crews will in advance of the event take detailed notes of the hazards to guests and onsite personnel posed by installing the marquee. Typically overhead and underground hazards like electricity pylons and gas mains respectively will be closely examined to avoid contact with the marquee and its structural components.

Hazards will need to be tackled competantly in order to nullify the risk of harm to people on site.

Site Amenities

Marquee hire events predominantly being outdoor also depend on the availability of some site amenities which will assist in the serving of guests and onsite personnel needful services such as parking and toilets for example.

Looking ahead will prevent any difficult or awkward interactions with guests or other site users who at the time of need will find a lack of provision during the event.


Closing Comments

This foresight in planning is entirely necessary for the avoidance of problematic issues during the event which will in often cases be too late. A marquee hire site survey a great tool for making those assessments of what might be needed ahead of time.

Download our professionally made templates for maintaining safe standards with temporary demountable structures.

For hire contractors of all sizes and niches.

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