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Sandy, SG19

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Sandy is a small town that is big on community with all the character, beauty and greenery of the home counties. Its great road and rail connectivity and proximity to Cambridge means that it is an excellent location for gathering, friends, colleagues or clients for a tasteful event.

This market town is nestled in the agricultural engine of Bedfordshire so there is plenty to do, see and taste with lots of fresh farm produce, ideal for seasonal catering menus. The Sand Hills and the Riddy, a locally loved meadowland add to the picurturesque landscape and the local Beeston and Chilwell Garden Trail give vistors the opportunity to take in some lovely English Country gardens.

This Bedfordshire locality stands out as also having some excellet accommodations including the stunning Warren Farm Lodge, a family run bed-and breakfast sent in expansive and well maintained grounds. Planning a Sandy-based event, leaves much of Bedfordshire and even Herts or Cambs at your doorstep but the town itself has some great finds for a marquee-based event that will be full of character.

Finding a Sandy, Bedfordshire event venue need not mean using local country estates as there are some great opportunities to erect your marquee in Sandy amidst great surrounds of varying scale and price-point. Being investigative goes a long way in finding the ideal alternative venue and a number of venue we share with you stand-out as being great opportunities for a memorable event.