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Global Marquee Manufacturers:

An In-Depth Insight.

"5 Reasons Why We Showcase Marquee Manufacturers On Our Events Website."

Selmore Marquee Hire is an events equipment and services broker, which means we specialise in connencting event hire providers of various sorts, with their corresponding event organiser counterparts. We charge a simple fee to the service provider for the privilege of being introduced to another commercial opportunity.

Our business therefore very far removed from being hands-on ourselves with the nuts nad bolts of the industry, so the question on a page like this could well be, "Why do we showcase marquee manufacturers on our events broker website?"

The answer lies in our mission within this market place: "We aim to encourage clarity and excellence in communication throughout the marquee hire industry, bridging the knowledge gap between participants and a making for much more fruitful commercial interactions between trade partners."

The current landscape of available product expertise in the online marketplace is also very limited and could do with being collated in one place and presented more comprehensively. Hence our mission to achieve this goal.

Where people are better informed in a marketplace having learned the disciplines from the experts, we have seen there is commercial growth and greater liberality to trade at in increasing frequency.

The marquee hire industry is both a service and product oriented marketplace. The product being marquee tents and the service being equipment hire. The value chain for marquee hire begins with the producers of raw materials and next is the manufacturer.

Manufacturers of marquee tents are specialist makers of temporary dismountable structures whose manufacturing practices must adhere to various industry certification for the assurance of minimum health and safety standards for end users.

These marquee stuctures comprise typically of the following components:

- Canopy/Covering
- Structural Poles and Joints
- Walls
- Windows
- Doors
- Anchorage
- Ties, Links & Guttering

Marquee tent manufacturers by nature must be experts in building materials composition and structural construction in order to have any credible value to add to the industry. There are some which have a commercial history beginning with building construction or even tarpaulin manufacture as their technical credentials from origin.

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5 Reasons Why We Choose To Publish Details Of Manufacturers & Why You Ought To Bookmark This Page.

1. Not much independently curated information out there.

Marquee hire companies often only speak on the marquees they choose to hire out.

Marquee manufacturers often only speak on the marquees the choose to manufacture.

Enquiring event planners and organisers therefore are left to trawl the internet from corporate website to corporate website pooling together the necessary available informational resources (albeit with a little spin of bias applied on each) in order to build up a bigger picture of what is really available to them.

So, in summary, sound advice on available choices of marquee structure can really depend on who you are talking to. We hope to provide you an indepedent perspective on marquee tent types, by collating product information and developments direct from the manufacturers, whose collective insights, tips and advice will provide a thorough overview of what can be achieved across the board.

2. Organisers & Planners Need All The Options To Make The Best Choices.

Organisers and planners in any industry are often only as effective as the tools and resources made available to them. By nature they are often very diligent in discipline and comb through all affordable & available sources of information and advice before piecing together their well calculated solutions for customers and clients.

Where most necessary resources for learning about marquee event tents are at best hard to find, if not simply unavailable as secondary market research i.e. readily available collateral pre-published in the public domain, then the more costly exercise of conducting primary market research i.e. personal interviews, surveys and questionnaires will be necessary instead. Whilst primary research generally can be customised to yield much more valuable results, it can be prohibitive because of time availability or monetary budget.

Where decent secondary market information is not available and conducting primary research is out of reach - the resulting information gap can leave planners and organisers woefully under-resourced which can therefore have a detrimental effect on the end result of event projects.

3. Where Hiring Companies and Enquirers Are Better Informed, It Makes For Meaningful Trade Talk.

Successful trade is built upon sound communication. Where there is uncertainty between trade parties, it makes for much more strained talks in the lead up to making firm agreement. Assessing value is one of the major components of trade and this largely depends on the ability of the vendor to demonstrate to the enquirer what exactly they have and why those features may benefit the enquirer, should they buy.

Where both parties can start to talk through all the advanced benefits and conditions of trade sooner rather than later, those common stumblingblocks and objections to reaching agreement can be hurdled in advance making for more fruitful conversations from earlier on in the sales cycle.

Many hire companies may focus more on service level provisions or deals/discounts on pricing, rather than on marquee tent dimensions, load capacity, material composition etc. but it must not be overlooked that such practical matters are going to bear importance with prudent planner/organisers, who are safety conscious. Where such issues are tackled in advance of trade talks, then such obstacles at a latter stage ought not to drain momentum out of commercial conversation.

If you are interested in the verity of the product you are either purchasing as a marquee hire company, or using as an event planner or organiser, please feel free to browse the marquee manufacturer summaries provided below. (N.B. the companies displayed beneath are published entirely as the result of secondary internet based research via search engines and are by no means recommendations, as Selmore is yet to have used their services. As and when we have first hand commerical expereinces with such companies, we will happily document our experiences for your interest.)

4. Encourage The Marketplace To Regard The Technical Variance Of Products In Detail.

Where no two marquees are the same to the planner/organiser, this makes for mroe varied demand and greater opportunity for hire companies and further more manufacturers to diversify and add value.

This kind of increased appreciation in marquee features/benefits will only give all involved more value to add and also gain from trade agreements. Yet where a more commodity-based view is taken, there is very little that then distiguishes on product from another and therefore the service levels and price becomes the key battle ground which tightens the reigns on value, profits and longevity of vendor market involvement.

Communicating dimension and variation about the product by way of collateral and learning resources produced by all participants, will only garner interest and generally raise awareness regarding application and feasibility of using marquee tents for events and as short term/semi-permenant building solutions.

5. Perk Up And Share Your Expertise.

Marketplaces which have become mature and generally dried out of ideas and innovation often leave providers with a pessimistic outlook and nothing to look forward to other than striving with price sensitive, new business enquirers over discounts, deals and margins.

In such cases, market participants would be encouraged to do the work of sharing more about what they do - without thinking about immediate commcercial gains to be made, but simply from the point of view of benevolence. Giving without the expectation of getting back. This loosens up the steely, profit focused obsessive manners and starts to encourage conversation which leads to trade agreement.

Our advice as Selmore, is in order to sell more, give more.

If you are seeknig to learn more about the technical aspects of commonly available marquee tent structures ( well as, not so common ones), please feel free to take a read of the manufacturer profiles beneath and get in contact with them to ask more about the benefits of their particular structures.

Speaking with manufacturers comes at no-obligation to buy or place and order, or nor will it be deceptive if you just say you are 'researching' - you'll find many are all the happier to talk to someone constructively about what they do. Many will even point you in the direction of a local hire firm who can help, should you need.

An Directory Of Marquee Tent Manufacturers

Crocker Brothers

Based: Derby, UK.

Crockers Marquee provides a real slice of English tent making heritage. Currently in its 70th Year, the company offers extensive industry experience and a longstanding history of service. Founded in 1926 by Fred Crocker, this ‘father and sons’ Derbyshire-based operation initially focused on tree cutting and construction.

Opportunity to diversify came with a request to erect marquees at the Derby show due to a lack of skilled labour after WWII. The men were paid handsomely, using the marquees the erected and the rest is history.

A major fire at the business premises in 1972 did little to dent the firm’s momentum, as the team worked hard to fulfil all their bookings but one despite the fire damage.

Over the last seven decades Crockers have expanded into marquee hire and manufacture keeping upto date with the latest tent innovations. Tradional marquee structures and aluminium frame structures are made by the team of up to 100ft in width with nationwide service and road haualage.

These veterans also serve other hire companies with a full marquee cleaning and refurbishment service using a giant mrquee washing machine. This family business is well known in Derby and many attest to the work-ethic and contribution of the Crocker brothers to communitylife.

Address: 8-18 Station Rd, Derby DE73 5SU

Telephone: 01332 700699

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Shield Marquees

Based: Birmingham, UK.

Shield Marquees are a major UK manufacture of marquees, operating out of Birmingham in the West Midlands.

They produce a diverse catalogue of 4 channel frame marquees and associated coverings linings and parts which are designed to be compatible with other brands.

Manufacture takes place on-site where they are skilled in PVC welding, CNC and other metalwork. Their Cover/Multispan marquee is a ‘clearspan’ style structure which is scaleable. They also offer bespoke structures.

Shield also provide a broad range of engineered aluminium and steel marquee components and PVC products and aim to innovative producing practical accessories which make a frame marquee more adaptable.

A popular stall at the annual Showman’s show, Shields’s team works hard to curate and provide the most innovative and popular materials for your marquee.

If you would like a no-obligation quotation for purchasing a new marquee, please feel free to call, email or write a letter to this company using the correspondence details below. Their customer services team will be glad to assist you with you enquiry.

Address: Shield House Herbert Road Birmingham B10 0PL

Telephone: 0121 772 2284

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Marshall Marquees

Based: Bristol, UK.

Marshall Marquees has been operating for over 3 decades as a manufacturer for fine marquees and accessories to companies, venues and institutions across the UK.

The Bristol-based company is a long-time expert in manufacturing aluminium marquee frames and has since taken up the production of crisp high quality PVC coverings.

Their factory can undertake the metal fabrication needed to not only produce high quality clearspan and tubular frames but an extensive range of marquee accessories including beams, base plates, clips and anchoring systems.

They are also able to fabricate custom structures.

If you would like a no-obligation quotation for purchasing a new marquee, please feel free to call, email or write a letter to this company using the correspondence details below.

Their customer services team will be glad to assist you with you enquiry.

Address: Claverham Court, Lower Claverham, BRISTOL BS49 4PZ

Telephone: 01934 835735

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Roder HTS

Based: Kefenrod, DE.

Roder HTS Hocker is a German-based marquee and temporary structure manufacturer. In the UK they operate from Camberley.

Roder HTS Hocker is a family firm founded in 1959 by a father and sons. Initially specialising in wooden framed tents, the company later diversified into an innovative range of temporary and semi-permanent steel framed structures, including multi level structures.

In particular Roder HTS Hocker offers a variety of clearspan designs which are popular with marquee hire companies.

The company also produces marquee accessories, replacement canopies and undertakes repairs.

A merger in 2005 with a competitor has produced the company as it is today. It employs a highly skilled workforce of over 200 people.

Roder HTS Hocker has international scope and an innovative approach to the materials and construction techniques used. Apart from event tents the company provides structures used in swimming pools, farming and industrial buildings, airports, hospitals and for temporary housing purposes.

Address: 3 Lawrence Way, Camberley GU15 3DL

Telephone: 01276 462600

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Custom Covers

Based: Southampton, UK.

Custom Covers of Southampton creates a broad range of temporary structures for event and industrial purposes. Its location on the south coast reflects its origins in the marine coverings trade.

Local expertise in sail making and upholstery has been transferred to a thriving business making event shelters, marquees and other temporary structures.

Custom Covers employs a team of 70 who are able to create retailed and custom marquee designs, working with high quality PVC fabric to create robust and durable canopies.

PVC welding and sewing equipment is available on-site for fine finishing of their workmanship.

Custom covers produces frame marquee structures with 4 channel frames and an innovative range of PVC walls wincluding clear, window and modified walss for HVAC or fire exit.

Flexographic printing adds even more scope to Custom Covers available. An extensive range of decorative linings are also available.

Address: Quayside Road Bitterne Manor SOUTHAMPTON Hants SO18 1AD

Telephone: 023 8033 5744

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Barkers Marquees

Based: Surrey, UK.

Barkers Marquees are a prominent UK manufactuerer of traditional and frame marquees. They have a broadcustomer base and work with clients to create innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs which can be obtained through hire with a number of the major hire companies.

This is a family firm with over a century in the hospitality business and a rich history of tent erection. The Barker family were originally caterers but soon marquee hire eclipsed their tea tent operation.

They added marquee manufacturing in the 1920s.

Over the decades Barkers grew to become the South East’s largest marquee company, holding at one point the largest marquee in Europe.

Barkers continue to fabricate beautiful tensioned and frame structures which host some of Europes most exclusive events.

If you would like a no-obligation quotation for purchasing a new marquee, please feel free to call, email or write a letter to this company using the correspondence details below.

Their customer services team will be glad to assist you with you enquiry.

Address: 1 St Katharines Rd, Caterham CR3 6ST

Telephone: 01883 337099

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Tectonics UK

Based: Hampshire, UK.

Since the 1980s Tectonics has established itself as a leading manufacturer of marquees and other temporary structures.

They have an innovative approach to marquee design and their tent structures are not limited to the event industry.

Frame marquee and instant marquess are popular choices but the company has also developed a number of canopies and awnings which are utilised in sporting events and industrial environments.

The new ARCover Canopy is a novel instant tent structure which has a striking appearance.

Their canopies and marquee accessories cover all aspects of temporary structures including cassette floor and floorstak for raised flooring on uneven ground.

If you would like a no-obligation quotation for purchasing a new marquee, please feel free to call, email or write a letter to this company using the correspondence details below.

Their customer services team will be glad to assist you with you enquiry.

Address: 1 Prospect Rd, New Alresford, Hampshire SO24 9QF

Telephone: 01962 736316

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Weatherill Brothers

Based: Norfolk, UK.

The Weatherill Brothers are marquee manufactueres who take an almost artisanal approach to their trade, reflecting their rich heritage of needlecraft and tailoring, from which their business began.

Designs produced by them demonstrate their great attention to detail and beauty in their designs.

Weatherill Bros has made marquees, awnings and linings since the 1950s and in the 1980s an established move to create quality marquees using PVC, proved profitable.

Weatherill undertake a large number of custom projects including semi permanent and permanent marquees, linings and accessories.

If you would like a no-obligation quotation for purchasing a new marquee, please feel free to call, email or write a letter to this company using the correspondence details below.

Their customer services team will be glad to assist you with you enquiry.

Address: New Green Business Park, 102 Norwich Rd, Watton, Thetford IP25 6HW

Telephone: 01953 882394

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Baytex Marquees

Based: Somersby, AU.

Baytex is an Australasian marquee manufacturer with global appeal. This New Zealand based company produces a diverse range of frame and pole-based marquees with linings canopies and accessories.

Baytex started out in the 1970s as Bay Textiles, a family firm specialising in canvas, outdoor and marine products.

In 1977 a marquee hire division was started which bean to outstrip other company sectors for demand.

Internation interested led to export of their patented marquee systems and canopies.

Today, their products range from small pagodas to big tops and performance tents and Baytex deliver worldwide with clientele concentrated in Europe, Asia and the US. They are well equipped for large scale projects with cutting edge computer aided design eqipmet for precision cutting of fabrics and onsite cutting, welding and sewing machinery.

Their highly skilled staff of 17 undertake all aspects of tent fabrication.

Address: 52 Newton Street PO Box 4370 Mount Maunganui 3149 New Zealand

Telephone: +64 7 579 0190

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Attwools Marquees

Based: Gloucester, UK.

Atwools is a Gloucester-based marquee manufacturer specialising in marquees and temporary structures.

Family-run since 1936, Atwools produces a variety of tents, coverings and canopy structures under the trading names of Atwoolls marquees, Atwools camping and Atwools manufacturing.

Atwools create a variety of event tents and temporary structures which can also be custom built and tailor made to client colour and branding specifications.

Atwools create clearspan type and tubular frame structures as well as traditional marquees.

They also offer and extensive range of accessories including, decoration and linings, lighting, heating and flooring.

Single and double storey structures can be provided.

If you would like a no-obligation quotation for purchasing a new marquee, please feel free to call, email or write a letter to this company using the correspondence details below.

Their customer services team will be glad to assist you with you enquiry.

Address: John Attwooll & Co. (Tents) Ltd Bristol Road Whitminster Gloucester GL2 7LX

Telephone: 01452 742222

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Shelter Marquees

Based: Guangdong, CN.

Guangdong China is home to the expertise and enthusiasm of clearspan specialists Shelter Tent Manufacturing Company.

This Chinese tent manufacturer has global appeal with an extensive catalogue of striking clearspan structures including geodesic domes.

Their skills are highly sough after with their in house team undertaking manufactiere and erection of large scale temporary structures throughout the world.

Their scalable clearspan structures can be made to order or alternatively marquees can be purchased from large stock on-site.

Business highlights include Shelter tent tention over 30,000sqfeet of event space at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, and eveloping a novel curved tent system.

If you would like a no-obligation quotation for purchasing a new marquee, please feel free to call, email or write a letter to this company using the correspondence details below.

Their customer services team will be glad to assist you with you enquiry.

Address: Chaotian Industrial Zone, Shilou Town,Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong China

Telephone: +8620 6660 3258

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MTT Structures

Based: Durban, SA.

MTT Structures is the largest tent nd marquee manufacturer in sub-Saharan Africa where the marquee industry is thriving.

They serve a diverse clientele, from religious institutions to Royalty. The business is a family firm led by father and son Eddie and Doug Goldblatt.

Father Eddie started MTT structures (which stands for Marquee Tent and Tarpaulin) in 1967 and with his son the venture has grown in size innovation nd expertise.

The have a full range of arquees and tensile structures and are able to create bespoke designs with flair and attention to detail.

They offer both pole and frame structures including stretch tents.

MTT have in recent years embraced computer aided design as a major enhancement to their design capability, undertaking a broad range of international projects with a turnkey approach.

Address: 5 Clark Rd, Westmead, Durban, S.A.

Telephone: +27 31 700 4600

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