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Home Based Event Planner Profit Loss

An event planner profit loss statement for the busy sole trader - a spreadsheet tutorial

This event planner profit loss statement, built in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software, enables you to keep your eye on the overall profitability of your operation.

It is specifically engineered to combine both your personal financial circumstances with your business budget, therefore providing you the overall picture of where you really stand as far a profit is concerned.

With sub-total summaries provided at every juncture, this statement is a comprehensive digest of every functional layer of profit or losses made by you, in the pursuit of your event planning business.

This P&L statement would ideally suit any event professional who wants to keep a handle on their business profit analysis in the form of a consise document, alongside where they really are with the remainder of their financial dealings.

If these components of your finances were held in isolation of one another, it would hamper theĀ  understanding of your overall net balance and therefore disadvantage you from making the most prudent decisions for your household and business operations ongoing.

This profit loss statement was therefore designed for the purpose of making combining in one, those two facets of your budgeting, that you would see at a glance how both your personal and business profit/loss positions could best work together.

The following is a short instructional video on how to use our sole trader, event planner profit and loss statement Excel template:

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Here is a quick breakdown of the content of the video for your digest:

  1. Carefully segmented: To ensure that the very integrated details of your personal and sole trader business finances are easily distinguishable, we have tabulated the these features in a very user-friendly manner. This enables you to apply your calculated tweaks to any component of your profit based business planning to effect an academic outcome on paper as a help in guiding your practical management decisions.
  2. Definitive profit markers: Each layer of business or personal budgeting comes with its own profit or loss sub-total and therefore the statement carefully exposes the impact of each contributing factor to the overall picture. Each sub-total is given its own name to distinguish it clearly from the others.
  3. Auto calculated totals: No need to write any formulas at all, this template simply takes away all the hassle for you and leaves you only to handle the final figure, end product of all your number crunching.
  4. Fixed income benefits or securities have their place: It is difficult to really see how your fixed income sums might combine amidst the whole mix of personal and business monies. This template clearly shows you how all these elements blend together, giving you sound managerial oversight.
  5. Arrears and debts are dealt with as such: The incremental treatment of debt repayment is not seperated out from this profit loss estimator because such repayments take a central role in the general day to day handling of your budgetary matters. They feature within this template, but are not miscellaneously thrown in, but rather highlighted for your attention.
  6. Petty cash items included: Other more minor entries of your business or personal budget have their place and are included with correct ID allowing for your fine tuning.
  7. Side income also accounted for: Any smaller unrelated ventures which provide you an income as a sole trader, like an eBay account or Amazon Affiliate sales, also find their way into your profit loss round-up.

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