Quick Tip: How To Prevent Waterpooling On A Marquee Roof?

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How To Prevent Waterpooling On A Marquee Roof

One risk of damage to a PVC marquee roof is sagging caused by 'pooling'. But how do you prevent waterpooling on a marquee roof?

Marquee or event tent PVC, like any other plastic, is stretchable under pressure. Where stretched it can become warped and out of shape leaving ugly bowing, or sagging in the canopy covering.

Here's our quick tip:

Roof savers (or Marquee Monkey)Stop Marquee Roof Sagging With Roof Savers

Even when marquee roofs have an incline of 30-degrees, the pressure of heavy rainfall can warp the roof canopy, under tension, creating a water pool at the bottom of the slope just above the eaves.

This pooling occurs between the pole spacing, causing a 'sagging' effect which is quite unsightly, not to mention damaging to the roof material.

In order to prevent this oddity from happening to your marquee or gazebo roof, install eave braces or roof savers in the underpinning of your PVC roof.

These additional structural helpers interrupt the spacing between poles, thus strengthening the canopy giving resilience against the falling rain water.

Over the long-term, using such roof savers can really save on expense of having to buy replacement covers, resulting from your marquee incurring irreparable damage from sagging.

A set of four of these Marquee Monkeys (roof savers) are retailed at $40.

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