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We broker quality services for private or business events.

Exclusive Selmore Benefits With Event Rental Services...

Price Estimations

Our event rentals service allows end users to gather no obligation price estimations on a variety of event hire services from experienced and reputed vendors, serving their local area.

Panel of Vendors

As event rental brokers, we have screened and collaborate with a select panel of rental service vendors, hand picked for their track record of delivering excellent service levels.

Talk It Through

We give you the time to talk through all of your event rental needs. Ask all the questions you want and we will take down notes and appraise our contractors for their expert advice.

Arrange Site Visit

Before giving you an accurate quote for the event rental request made, our approved vendors will insist on a site visit to ensure they are full aware of conditions before committing.

No Obligation

If you are planning an event and require rental services, using us as event brokers will put you before those in the know, who will openly share their expertise without obligation to hire them.

Value Packages

There is great value to be gained in investing in packages when it comes to event rental. Vendors and therefore customers alike benefit from cost savings received by combining items together in one job.

Quality Focused

As brokers our aim is to facilitate a successful trade between event rental service vendors and the customer who is planning an event. Our best outcome is where the match pays off for all involved.

Stay Current

We have a proactive service. We don't wait for you to tell us of need, but rather keep you informed with relevant advice and availability on event services enabling you to make the most beneficial investment decisions.

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"What should I expect from an event rental broker?"

  • No Cost
  • No Obligation
  • Approved Panel of Vendors
  • A Thorough Approach
  • Professional Handling
  • Attention To Detail
  • Nothing Overlooked
  • Reliable Communication
  • Great Courtesy

"What makes Selmore capable to manage your request?"

  • Over 7 Years Experience In Services Brokering
  • B2B & B2C Account Management Experience
  • Professional Customer Services
  • Market Leading Consultancy Skills
  • Many Successful Campaigns Under Belt
  • Comprehensive Means and Methods

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you charge for your service?

We do not charge the end user. Our service is paid for by the vendors which meet our stipulations for approval. Being approved they make themselves available to share their expertise with enquirers, with no obligation.

Are there any limits to the service?

No. You are permitted to use Selmore as an event rental broker as many times as you would like. Feel free to get in touch even if you are not certain on staging an event but want to ask some questions.

Is there a contract? Am I obligated?

NO, emphatically to both! There is no contract, no minimum duration, no auto-renewals, no penalties, no direct debits, no VAT, no hidden costs or fees.