Quick Snippet: A Safari Marquee Repair!

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Marquee repair comes in all shapes and sizes, but we assure you that this case is anything but routine!

Marquee wear and tear takes on a whole new meaning in the South African outback...especially when animals attack. [Thankfully, this account only involves canopy damage and no personal involvement or injury.]

The backdrop...

Where the onsite health and safety concerns of marquee hire companies here in the UK may include, manual handling mishaps, or dehydration for riggers working long hours in direct sunshine - in the southern hemisphere, the ever-present risk of the really wild-life lurking in the background brings a whole new meaning to the phrase occupational hazard.

Thankfully this account of the natural habitat biting back during a marquee event ended without any personal, or irreparable material loss suffered.

Still, the damage to the canopies showed just how up-close and personal the local predators came to the 'not-so-controlled' event areas of the Kruger Park Marathon.

How the story goes...

RHI Tents, stretch tent manufacturers who had delivered a consignment to their customers, who were the sponsors of the said marathon, were contacted with a request to carry out some emergency marquee repairs to a "damaged corner".

Upon inspection, the tent technicians found alarming levels of damage done to the tent and investigated further with their client as to what was the cause.

They later discovered that at the close of the event a pack of hyenas had strayed onto the site and had their fill of the RHI structures.

The damage was done without any witnesses, or injured parties thankfully, but the risk evidenced by the photos is undeniable.

The hyenas apparently could be heard throughout the duration of the event, but it was only when the site became deserted that they attempted to scavenge any left over scraps left by event guests.

When they came up short of any spoil, it seems they took out their frustrations on the stretch tent leaving large gashes throughout the highly strung corner portions of the canopy.

A close shave by any estimation, and one which I am sure RHI will not forget that readily.

Any other unusual, or particularly challenging marquee repair stories to share?...feel free to comment below.

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