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Gazebo | Garden Marquee Hire | West Drayton, UB7

Reference No:

Small Garden Marquee In West Drayton, UB7

"Good Morning Selmore,
I am emailing for a quote.
In December we will be celebrating at 60th birthday party in West Drayton, UB7 and will be hosting a small gathering at our home.
What would be the cost of a marquee which we would attach from our conservatory and have no more than 25-30 guest within the home who would enter in and out of the marquee?
Also how much on top would it be for some heaters?

Background of this marquee lead:

This is a marquee hire enquiry which was fielded by our sales team on 29th October (by email) and requesting a quote for a December home-based, garden event.
This type of winter marquee booking is not uncommon for us to receive here at Selmore.
However, many marquee hire contractors report no activity over the winter because most higher profile outdoor events, like wedding, are typically booked for summer.
As with every winter booking, marquee heaters (especially of the indirect oil fired variety) are mandatory as the the marquee interior otherwise would be unbearably cold.
Also remembering that lighting may also be appropriate depending on the time of day.
Marquees installed flush against an owner's house require unqiue planning consideration, such as ground type (either grass or patio concrete), breadth of entrance/exit etc.
A marquee hire site visit would bring all such elements in line, leaving no surprises.

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