Staffing A Marquee Hire Company

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staffing a marquee hire company

Staffing your marquee hire company with the right mix of skills & availability of talent takes planning

Marquee hire company staff are a finely tuned blend of talents.

With a variety of functions threaded through the eye of a needle as far as constraints and room for error are concerned, marquee hire is a delicately aligned concerto of activity.

Just when you think you've got it all right, then peak season comes to a crashing stop come late autumn/winter leaving the whole show off the road until the blossoms bud and bloom again the following spring.

Whilst rigging duties require practically minded and equipped teams, internal back office support keeps the business tempo ticking over to metronome consistency, converting booked sales into realised profit.

What are the core staff duties and essential business functions within the average marquee hire company?

Many small contractors keep all the operational responsibilites on the owner's plate and multitask continually to make things work carrying no additional staffing costs. This lean staff model keeps it all in one pair of hands which has it's advantages, namely cost - however, this can lead to the business owner becoming heavily overworked and spread much too thin.

Medium to large marquee hire companies can really hit their stride confidently if complimented amply by a well briefed and highly disciplined team of willing workers.

Let's introduce you to the winning marquee hire staff line-up (listed in no particular order):

  • Marquee Foreman
    • Primary point of contact on-site for all assembly and dismantling activity
    • Captain of the rigging crew, the foreman is the most valuable member of the on-road team keeping every marquee project on budget and on time, according to the customer's expectations
    • Key practical problem solver and lead customer facing personnel, must thrive under pressure and always have an answer at the ready to share with event stakeholders
    • Keen attention to detail and reassuring handling in the delivering of results on the day
    • Multi-disciplined, being appropriately trained to handle electrical installations and sometimes wood finishing on accessory set-up like, centrepieces for example
  • Marquee Riggers
    • Physical all-rounders, marquee riggers must offer upper and lower limb strength, agility, speed and endurance whilst being able to remain solidly focused on the collective effort in hand
    • Long hours on the job means physical and mental stamina for remaining in strict formation at all times
    • Up to 40 hour weeks with regional overnight travel, sometimes on projects with installation phases lasting several days
    • Clean driving license including 7.5 T vans to share the road duty
    • Summers are peak season with back to back installations/dismantling on the same day at times - but the winters in the UK are a time of real barrennes for outdoor event market - no labour for a marquee rigger
  • Seamstress
    • Professional quality, highly competent sowing expert
    • Repair of fabrics following unexpected tears, shears or punctures
    • Customising fabric components of tents to suit the creative brief
  • PVC Fabrication
    • Drains and infills for marquee structures are made in-house to custom dimensions
    • This team keep the marquee tents fully comlimented with drainage and connectivity aids
  • Sales Personnel
    • Bookings made by phone, email or in person will be handled by your effervescent sales person
    • An expert handle on marquee hire project management will enable them to close opportunities confidently, answering technical customer queries in-situ
    • Scheduling is also a key skill during a tightly constrained sales call. Simultaneous capacity planning against operational diaries on the fly ensures firm commitments can be made without call backs
  • Account Manager
    • Year on year repeat business clients need careful handling and attention, especially given their overall contribution to the secured comapny revenues
    • Acute sensitivity to their nuances consistent handling will keep satisfaction levels to the highest
  • Event Planner
    • Design and decor being an event fundamental, it pays to have a flair focused team member on your marquee hire team
    • For weddings in particular, this kind of hands-on, concierge service provides the organisers with high value responsiveness and professionalism for delivering exceptional visual results
  • Stock Controller/Office Manager
    • As marquee hire contractors, your stock and it's preparedness for hire is paramount - you'll want a keen pair of eyes on this continually
    • Asset value will be depreciated over estimated product lifetime against wear and tear, but any unforeseen damage will need to be covered with contingency planning to ensure continuity of interim bookings
    • Preparation of meticulously arrayed pick lists and job sheets against inventory for the foreman to load into the van is a key duty
    • Payroll for all staff pay is a duty for the office manager, along with spreadsheet management for bookkeepers and accountants
    • Planned or add hoc procurement for replacement items where damages occur is a common responsibility

Plus, a little outsourced help from....

  • CAD Designer
    • Customer floor layouts for events can be digitally illustrated by a CAD designer in order to leave the client with a visual take on what is planned
  • Carpenter
    • Wood flooring and other wood based accessories at times need professional finishing to ensure the finest results
  • Electrician
    • Some jobs call for an experienced electrician to manage power supply especially where generators are concerned.
    • PAT Testing of other hire equipment is also necessary from time to time

Where can help be found for hiring such staff?

Here at Selmore Event Hire we seek after supplying the needs of event hire companies like yours. Temporary and permenant staff recruitment can be effected via our website.

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