Stretch Tent Setup – A Detailed Video By Freefrom

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Stretch Tent Setup Video

Ever wanted to see what a stretch tent setup looks like in motion picture? Take a look at this video montage from Freeform.

Collaboration makes for a sweeter finish. This stretch tent setup leads by example.

Freeform LogoAlthough a South African manufacturer, Freeform, serves event hire specialist clients across the globe. Such professional hire firms (i.e. clients of manufacturers like Freeform), collaborate with event managers & venue owners to put on world-class events.

One such marquee hire company: Netherlands-based, Organic Concept (using a Freeform F-600 tent, named such because of its 600m2 coverage), teamed up with Instant Lodges in customising an outdoor space to accommodate a planned marquee-based, musical gathering.

The event took place on the grounds of an old Chateau in Bordeaux.

1 month before the event: tree surgeons, landscapers and construction professionals visited the premises to begin shaping the surrounding woodlands in preparation to receive the tent.

They cut back trees and prepared soil by mechanically tilling, dug trenches for infrastructural modifications, constructed roads by laying concrete for facilitating travel onsite and much more to get things set.

Generators were lifted in to fulfil the energy requirement of all the equipment that was scheduled to arrive.

Just over 2 weeks prior to the event, foundational elements for the stretch tent setup was laid by a multi-disciplinary team of temporary demountable structure professionals.

Deep anchorage was laid as underpinning for the tent by teams of riggers who laboured to secure the base with pneumatic tools.

Once the base was set, the canopy having been laid out across the site area was expertly mounted with strategically mounted poles.

Once set, next was flooring. A raised wooden floor, custom-made to the tent dimensions was jigsawed together as riggers used their multi-trade abilities to make it all work.

Raising the roof followed, with some specialist jacking equipment to push up the central poles to give dimension to the interior. Tension set.

With the structure fully installed, specialist carpenters and joiners added their professional weight by fixing in place all of the decorative and structurally fundamental wooden interior fixtures and fittings. An orchestra of drills sounded together for riveting in the final touches.

Furniture was laid out and set in place, with only one day to go with cutlery and glassware laid out too in anticipation for receiving guests.

Soft furnishings lined-up for optimal placement. Lacquer and varnish applied to wooden features.

Feverishly paced logistics for food and drink on the day to set all things in place for the attendees. Custom branding touches laid throughout the structure. Multiple metric tonnes of sand was poured out into purposed made pits as surrounding features. Hedging and potted plants used for defining borders and sectioning of areas is installed.

The audio visual pros are in. Musicians tune up and get familiarised with the acoustics of the layout.

Caterers fire up the barbecue coals and get cooking. Waiting staff and chefs are briefed by managerial supervisors for final talks before setting out to deliver top-notch hospitality. Uniform is distributed for final stage dress rehearsals. Some last-minute nerves are loosened up with a few playful games in a controlled area.

The first few guests arrive with the ambience picking up. The evening draws on and the scheduled performers arrive and hit the stage. The guests are really enjoying all of the hard work.

It would all seems so effortless...that's unless you saw it happen for yourself! Take a sit back and watch the video below...

[Job well done to the team: Freeform, Organic Concept and Instant Lodges.]

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