Top 10 Benefits Of Star Tents For Hire

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A neatly proportioned marquee structure with a concise array of benefits - meet star tents for hire

Ideal for b2b hire companies, or for corporate businesses with a taste for hospitality

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Star tents for hire derive their stellar name tag by way of shape depiction. The many pointed marquee structures are smaller more abbreviated tents with very many uses.

With heavy duty PVC covering, the star tent although smaller in stature compared with the more familiar looking counterpart marquee types, is actually quite sturdy - albeit more exposed.

They have their appointed place in the spread of marquee structures for events, which should not be overlooked. Every corporate event manager will value being able to secure this product should the appropriate promotional/direct-sales occasion present itself.


A derivative of the stretch tent - the star tent is a smaller more punctuated version of it's much larger relative. It's status has tended to be for commercial uses.

Top 10 benefits of star tents for hire

  • Compact design
    • Easily toted by a two man installation outfit, most small star tents are simple enough to erect. Their dimensions as folded also allow them to be transported in a small vehicle or even car.
  • Small shade/shelter
    • They are often used as a small stand alone shelter, or sun shade for outdoor event guests or delegates whose attendance might run into the multiple hours.
  • Stand-out design concept
    • You simply can't miss a star marquee! Their striking appearance mimics their larger relative, the stretch tent. The many sided entrances make it a good all-rounder for high footfall events like conferences.
  • Printable
    • The PVC canopy material lends itself well to being printed with the latest print shop techniques. Custom branding exercises for the likes of product launches and commercial exhibitions are a staple use of such a structure.
  • Many sizes
    • Star marquees to hire are available in many sizes to suit need, budget and convenience. The dimensions are measured typically as floor to peak - height, inner point to opposite inner point and outer point to opposite outer point. Also,  the arch height is usually disclosed by manufacturers.
  • Waterproof
  • Fire rated
    • Reputable manufacturers of star tents will ensure the fabrics and materials of the product are suitably accredited as passing the relevant fire safety standards in countries of sale.
  • UV stabilised
    • Certain polymer plastics when exposed to UV radiation for prolonged periods can be degraded, leading to cracks and disintegration. Star tents produced by reputed makers are typically made using UV stabilised PVC materials which is resistant to such degradation, being made with technology which dissipates the UV radiation as low level heat.
  • 2 styles
    • There are two styles of star marquees which are readily available on the market for hire or sale: single peak and double peak, for greater capacity.
  • Good compliment to outdoor promotional media
    • When branded up and colour coordinated with other outdoor media such as promotional flags and pop up banners, for example, star tents for hire are a great medium by which to brandish your corporate messages to gathered audiences.

Star tent manufacturer

The following is a star tent manufacturer supplying hire firms and corporate clients:

  • City B Group - are specialist manufacturers, hirers and suppliers of star tents, amongst other event structures
    • Based in Stoke-on-Trent, City B Group are an accomplished operation and one of few British manufacturers of such products. Their range of shelters and shades is broad and their service for customising is value adding on many levels. With some staff clocking over 15 years in industry experience, they seem a solid professional supplier to have on side if you are a UK event hire contractor.
      • Visit City B Group website for further information and pricing


Here is a video demonstrating a star tent installation performed by the Promotional Design Group:

Case Study

Take a look at how this classic/vintage car show's organisers called upon the help of City B Group to supply a branded Twinstar shaded canopy as a highlight for their outdoor event.

Are you looking to hire a star tent for an upcoming event?

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