Top 10 Benefits Of Stretch Tents For Hire

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Stretch Tent Setup Video

A popular choice for the southern hemisphere are stretch tents for hire

See what unique benefits they have to offer your outdoor event plans

[Stretch tent photo above provided by Freeform ™]

Stretch tents for hire by definition are exactly what they say on the tin.

Imagine an event marquee structure which has the versatility of most contemporary designs and types - all rolled into one and you've come close to understanding what a stretch tent might do for you.

They are a prudent investment for any emerging marquee hire specialists seeking to span many event customer segments for their diversity of application to occasion and situation.

Providing distinct business benefits, we thought it a worthwhile showcase to introduce to you a profile of stretch tents.

Stretch Tent Origin

Stretch tents are genuine feats of product engineering innovation.

Their highly popularised use in the southern hemisphere outdoor event market, has led to a global trend of marquee hire companies throughout the world adopting them as a choice solution.

Top 10 benefits of stretch tents for hire

  1. Aesthetic
    • Their characteristic shape and presentation is achieved by the innovative combination of stretchy, yet durable, canopy fabric and internal (variable height) steel poles, plus traditional style ground anchorage.
  2. Versatile
    • Stretch tents can be arranged to suit both traditional/formal settings as well as contemporary/fashionable styling. They are therefore a prudent investment choice
  3. Many size options
    • Modular in construction, each individual tent unit is built to seamlessly piece together with others like it for developing large complex multi-structures.
  4. Weather resistant
    • The covers of stretch tents are waterproof, offering a solid performer regardless of the weather.
  5. Easy to use
    • These tents are simply erected and easily maintained - giving great advantage to rigging crews constrained with time and available space.
  6. Custom installations possible
    • Due to their versatility, stretch tent installations are favoured for the more challenging locations - they have been known to appear on the rooftops of tall city buildings as outdoor seating areas for restaurants, or on apartment balconies with complicated architectural design aspects.
  7. Mould and mildew inhibitors
    • Mould and mildew are a real threat to the long term usability of marquee covers. Where stretch tents are concerned, some manufacturers adopt the practice of using spore inhibitor technologies for preservation of the product and your investment.
  8. Easy to clean
    • Stretch tent covers are durable and typically easy to clean, offering strong maintenance advantages over and above more traditional fabrics, like canvas.
  9. Fire resistant
    • Fire resistance is a non-negotiable issue when it comes to event tent manufacture. Reputable stretch tent manufacturers will not compromise, but will in fact lead by industry example.
  10. Printable & multi-coloured
    • Striking in appearance for colour scheme and personal branding, some of the more premium stretch tent installations world-wide deserve the industry attention they garner. 

Stretch Tent Manufacturers

The following are two of the most reputable and well regarded stretch tent manufacturers in the world:

RHI - A trusted manufacturer of stretch tents with a truly global client-base.

  • Based in South Africa, the company knits it's own woven tent covering fabrics, integrates highly advantageous hybrid seaming technology for stretch and durability of product. They are without doubt a quality leader in this field. They have lots of experience meeting challenging project briefs and are adept at delivering well customised solutions.

Freeform ™ - A dedicated stent tent manufacturer with market leading ambition and quality

  • This South African based stretch tent manufacturer was founded in 2003 and over their decade-plus of solid growth in global trade have mounted up quite a reputation among  industry insiders. Their 'commitment to quality' offers consistent and reliable results to marquee hire companies, event organisation firms and venue owners alike.


Here is a very impressive promotional video showcasing what you might expect to achieve with stretch tents for hire,

Case study

Hiring a stretch tent for your outdoor event is a significant investment. Satisfy your enquiry by reading these simple stretch tent case studies.

Are you looking to hire a stretch tent for a UK based event?

Contact us today for a quite.

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