5 Unusual & Alternative Marquee Installations

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Alternative Marquee Installations

These unusual and alternative marquee installations are a break from the norm...

Marquees are a varied bunch and holding great versatility for installing according all kinds of seemingly prohibitive requirements.

Each type of marquee structure possesses its own practical benefits and as contractors worldwide come across increasingly unique requests, the challenge becomes steeper...sometimes literally!...to deliver those spectacular results.

At Selmore Event Hire, we like to promote breaking the boundaries of expectation when it comes to delivering excellence in service provision and product performance.

Hence, with that in mind, we have collated some of the most unusual and therefore alternative marquee installations from around the world (on our online content curation journeying.

5 Unusual and Alternative Marquee Installations

  1. Cape Town Aquarium: [RHI Tents from their business blog]
    • when the project brief for a 1st-floor balcony stretch canopy at the capital's aquarium came into the RHI Tents offices - they got their logistical project planning heads together with their installation partner, Access and Rigging Services to plan exactly how it might come together.

      Alternative Marquee Installation - RHI Stretch Tent

      3D Rendered Image of Aquarium Canopy (Courtesy of RHI Tents)

    • Using the adaptable benefits of the stretch tent fabric, RHI were able to create a truly bespoke fit solution for the aquarium. Years on, the structure still goes on strong proving suitability and durability of the work completed.
      • 1st floor balcony
      • custom shape only possible with stretch tent
      • 'must hit' points of anchorage
      • accommodate chimney stack cut out
      • overnight installation as not to disrupt tourism
  2. Pool Deck With Tree Feature: [RHI Tents from their blog]
    • a very specific design request was given by a private customer who wanted a canopy, 'just so', according to their poolside decking set-up. A shade sail 70m2 was the solution implemented this time - made to measure of course, which also accommodated a tree of all things within its design.
      • pool side entertainment enclosure
      • installed on decking
      • a cut out for a tree trunk
      • shade sail
      • natural curves
      • matt fabric
  3. Union Jack Stretch Tent: [RHI Tents from their blog]Marquee Alternative
    • a custom request came into RHI from the UK to create a custom stretch tent with striking Union Jack design on the canopy. The project signified the continuance of strong commercial relationships between RHI Tents (based in South Africa) and overseas tent rental companies. This job was tailor-made in-house  and swiftly exported from ZA to the UK right on time for the planned installation.
      • custom canopy made
      • colouring from dyes all performed in-house
      • expert precision on the design execution
      • exporting to UK
  4. Penthouse Stretch Tent Installation: [RHI Tents from their blog]Marquee Alternative Penthouse
    • stretch marquee installations performed at heights provide for some of the most spectacular views of the structures from both above and below. With the aid of aerial photography, it can be clearly seen why these structures are the product of choice for tent rental companies both in the southern and now increasingly northern hemisphere. This project was a penthouse installation within a private residence, one of many like it in the South African market.
      • 2-tier balcony coverage
      • multiple, interconnecting vari-shaped canopies
      • multi-storey height installation
      • bespoke design
  5. Beach Front Life Saving Championships: [Freeform Stretch Tents from their blog]Freeform Logo
    • a 4-day physical endurance championship for life guards on a Camps Bay Beach, South Africa beachfront, became a multi-faceted challenge for Freeform Tents earlier this year.Alternative Marquee Destinations
    • The event which was attended by about 1,000 guests (600 of which were competitors) required 5 individual tent structures to house and host the various delegates including judges in their own observation tent. Tents were installed upon the sand and therefore required extra deep pegs to ensure sound anchorage amidst the risk of high tide.
      • 4 days duration
      • install on sand during high tide
      • 1,000+ attendees
      • 8 experienced riggers
      • 5 tents
      • < 8 hours installation
      • 1.2 meter pegs for anchorage
      • surprise high tide
      • high temperatures
      • see through side walls
      • branded judges tent
    • BONUS: A great video illustration of how much hard work goes into the setting up of one of these stretch tents by Freeform (thanks to Stuart for so kindly lending us this footage!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XgxzeQ84xc

That's about all we found on our travels!

Do you have any to add? If so, feel free to get in touch.

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