Why Do Marquee Hire Prices Vary So Much?

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Why Do Marquee Hire Prices Vary So Much

Across the UK marquee hire prices vary from one vendor to another - but the question remains, "...why?"

Marquee hire prices across the UK may seem to vary wildly (which we're sure is indicative of other global markets too).

To end users and customers seeking to arrive at a confident decision for making a hire investment, such apparent discrepancy in hire pricing can be largely off putting.

Any experienced marquee hire professional (...and therefore business person) would probably agree that clarity equals confidence when it comes to prospective buyer interest translating into sales.

So on this basis, with the key decider for investment choice i.e. 'pricing' being so opaque in the public domain, Selmore decided to have a go at doing a good service to the UK event tent rental market by attempting to make it clear why marquee hire prices are so varied.

Why are marquee hire prices so variable from one contractor to another?

Time to experiment!

In the development of the Selmore Marquee Hire business, our goal has been to improve communication between participants within the marquee hire market here in the UK.

Our rationale?...we are simply convinced that better business communication = greater benefits, all-round.

What are the main reasons for the marquee hire marketplace lacking in clear communication?

A few reasons:

  • Cost
  • Low value perception
  • Wrong-sided thinking (...a little bit more about this further on)
  • Defensive business approach
  • Fear

We have found over the years of speaking with, serving and challenging countless small business owners on the issue of communicating more openly, the most staunch area of resistance is undoubtedly price.

Why would marquee hire companies resist publishing clear pricing in the public domain?

Forgive us for speaking in the general sense here.

Just to be clear, it's not that marquee hire providers are necessarily 'closed' in communicating pricing (that is, once you are speaking with them), but there tends to be apprehension from them to quote their pricing in advance of an enquiry being made. In other words, they rarely publish a rate card.

"So what's the problem?!"

As often is the case with the small business market, providers generally tend to be quite guarded about price. The reasons vary but typically fall among the following reasons:

  • Fear of competitive espionage
  • Fear of customer prejudice
  • Fear of losing out to someone who'll do it cheaper
  • Fear of customers not appreciating why it costs so much
  • Fear of being the only one who will reveal pricing
  • ...well, generally FEAR.

But what benefit is this fear? Is there anything to gain by being so protective? Or rather, what are the potential losses through it?

Undecided? Not sure either way?

Let's allow the marquee hire customers answer!

Putting our our online marketing expertise to the task - our Selmore (in-house) marketing brains decided to ask Google for a poll to answer this question:

'what is the most pressing (...and therefore most valuable) question on the fingertips of UK marquee hire customers when searching online?' 

Google's Answer?...

Marquee Hire Prices - Most Valuable Marquee Keyword

[Image courtesy of Google Keyword Planner Tool]

That's a fact. "Marquee Hire Prices" is the number one marquee hire related keyword in the industry by: relevance, traffic volume and therefore value.

Based on this fact, the question now ought to be asked:

"...if you are a provider of marquee hire services in the UK...

...is your marketing answering the question which customers want to know most of all - (which according to Google is):

'what are your marquee hire prices?' - if your marketing is answering this question, are you answering it well enough? If not, why not?!"

Free online marketing tip for marquee hire firms: If you are a marquee hire company struggling to generate traffic & customer enquiries to your website? - start answering the question of "marquee hire price" today.

...back to our marketing experiment!

As with every good experiment, we chose to follow the classic academic format of:

  • problem
  • hypothesis
  • apparatus
  • methodology
  • results
  • conclusion

Our problem (...by way of this question...)

  • "How much does it cost to hire a marquee in the UK?" [A variation on the phrase: marquee hire prices]

Our hypothesis

  • We propose to calculate a national average price for popular types of marquee structure

Our apparatus

  • Google search engine

Our methodology

  • Deep and broad search for all publicly available marquee hire prices published by providers to the trade and calculating a mean value for popular types (style & size - structure only, no extras) of marquee hire price

Our results

  • Collate all findings in a custom formatted Excel spreadsheet with pre-calculated formulas to present the mean average value for the chosen types of marquee

Our conclusions

  • Determine how much actual variance there is in the market between like-for-like marquee hire services

Allow us to share our results with you - albeit anonymized!

Results of online search for UK marquee hire prices - by Selmore

[Date & Time Produced: ‎08 ‎June ‎2017, ‏‎14:58:21]

A breakdown of the results...

As indicated by the date stamp above, this all took place on a sunny summer's afternoon in peak season of June this year.

After scouring the internet for UK marquee hire providers who willing volunteered clear pricing we were able to compile this rather useful table of pricing data.

We had to establish a few rules though to ensure the accuracy and integrity of conclusions.

Rules...[1] the prices gathered can only be from UK marquee hire providers, [2]  the prices we for Clearspan structures only, [3] prices could only reflect the structure only - no packages

Setting these rules allowed us to confidently compare like for like marquee hire prices.

A few assumptions & limitations we thought of which might downgrade the validity of our findings, but you might think of more...

  1.  'Clearspan' is a broad descriptive term. They vary in...
    • material for covering
    • quality of finish
    • construction
      • ...and therefore, cost of purchase
  2. 'Hire Price' might not reflect...
    • VAT
    • same duration i.e. hours or days
  3. Payment terms...
    • is a deposit required?

That being said, we delved deeply into the matter of separating out the the things that make sense from those that don't and arriving at some useful conclusions to share with the marketplace.

The results of our Selmore marquee hire prices experiment...

Some caveats...

  1. (6) marquee hire companies with published prices online discovered!
  2. Companies were a combination of local, regional, national and market leading reach and reputation
  3. We gathered prices for (35) sizes of Clearspan marquee from 3mx3m (at the smallest extreme) to 15mx45m (at the largest extreme)

Summarised marquee hire price analysis...

  • For 3mx3m Clearspan marquees...
    • cheapest hire price: £100.00
    • most expensive hire price: £195.00
    • average hire price: £146.25
  • Overall lowest price for marquee hire (across 35 size categories): £100.00
  • Overall highest price for marquee hire (across 35 size categories): £3,350.00
  • Largest price variances occur with 6mx6m marquee:
    • upto £197.00 difference (65% like-for-like price variance from the average)
  • Marquee hire prices per meter sq.
    • ...highest average: £16.25 per meter sq. (3mx3m)
    • ...lowest average: £4.48 per meter sq. (12mx33m)
    • ...greatest (per sq. meter) hire price variance, from the overall norm, throughout sizes: 3mx3m, 3mx6m, 3mx9m, 6mx6m, 6mx9m

The results above are just a few data highlights from our marquee hire price experiment findings.

Where can we find a summary of these results?

We have decided against publishing the raw results online for many reasons.

Most notably freshness (they were accurate as of June 2017, but hire prices will vary ongoing and we just don't have the resources for updating prices regularly) and purpose (we don't intend customers nor hire providers to consider this data as definitive in anyway, we just thought we'd share this for interest's sake.)

We have, however...programmed an online hire price calculator with all this data, which when you input your hire job parameters, it generates for you the corresponding UK average marquee hire price. We find this quite a neat pricing tool. We you hope you do too.

What do these results really show?

It depends what your take is. As for out intent, we hope it satisfies your interest in finding out more about marquee hire prices here in the UK marketplace.

Are these marquee hire prices to be trusted as definitive for the entire industry?

No way. They are NOT official and never to be taken as such.

At most, this a personal Google search experiment and not to be relied upon as a basis for any real commercial decision making.

We advise you do your own diligent research.

So in conclusion: why do marquee hire prices seem so variable?

Well perhaps they're not, when you look closely enough. It really depends how you see it.

But one thing is for sure. If we all learned to communicate more openly, we'd have a much better idea of what the benefits really are.

Are you interested to learn more about how you might better communicate the benefits for your marquee hire company?

Read our post on Content Market for Marquee Hire - EXPLAINED!

Are you looking to speak with a marquee hire contractor with an event hire request in mind?

Simply choose your marquee structure and request your quote.

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